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 Arts and Graphics Forum Rules

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Miss Nile

Number of posts : 53545
Age : 22
Location : Egypt
Title : Miss of The Grand Nile
Registration date : 2008-02-29

PostSubject: Arts and Graphics Forum Rules   Wed Jul 30, 2008 5:56 am

These rules are modified from this link.

When posting in this forum, members are expected to understand and follow the rules and guidelines presented in this topic. If any member has any specific questions regarding any of these rules, feel free to send a private message to myself or any other moderator or administrator.

Thread Ownership

1.) Do Not Post Material You Wouldn't Share with Those Close to You
are if you wouldn't want to share it with someone you know in real
life, then you'd probably regret putting it up on here. Only post if
your confident in what you're sharing with us.

2.) Do Not Plagiarize
Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and
is an automatic ban. In addition, do not steal part of another's work
and pass it off as your own. If someone helped you with something, and
you decide to use what they suggested, credit them.

referenced, and traced pictures are allowed, but please state your
source, or at least where you got it if you can't remember the exact

Posting Constructively

1.) Do not Spam "Empty" Feedback
Saying something to the effect of,
"That looks wrong, but I can't help you," is a waste of forum space.
Please tell a person why something looks wrong, even if you're not
entirely sure what it is. A response like, "I'm not sure what's wrong,
but I think the legs are dis proportioned." is much more helpful.

Other posts that are considered empty feedback would be, "good pic", "this is bad", "I don't like it", ect.

2.) Do not Spam period.
This pretty much goes without saying, as
it's a general rule of most all forums. We encourage intelligent,
thoughtful feedback here. Anything that is pointless spam will be
deleted to save the topic creator and everyone else some sanity.

What is considered spam?

  • Non-essential phrase and one word posts (eg: "lol", "kewl", "omg dis is gr8!", ect.)
  • Blatant flaming (eg: your story sucks, ect.)
  • Acting like an idiot for the sake of getting attention
  • TypInG l1Ke d1S

3.) Do not Double Post
If your post was the last, and there was
something you forgot to add to it, MODIFY YOUR POST. Do not waste the
forum space by making another post. The only exception to this is if
you're the topic creator, and have a brand new update for your thread.
However, use this responsibly; if you just posted your topic and it's
still at the top of the forum, you don't need to make another post
saying you've added stuff since your last post.

4.) Do not Necropost
ever, ever post in a thread that hasn't been posted in for a month or
longer. This is considered necroposting. The only exception to this
rule is if you are a topic owner and you have new material to share
with everyone.

5.) No Flaming
To reiterate, flaming is
spammy, rude, and not to be tolerated. We all have different opinions,
so differences are bound to happen, but this does not give anyone the
right to go out of their way to be a troll.

This is not to say
that harsh critique is not allowed. The difference between flaming and
harsh critique, is that the critique does point out things that could
be wrong or need to be changed, instead of out right saying that
something sucks.

6.) Do not Beat a Dead Horse
If you see
several posts informing a topic creator of how horrible their drawing
is, or if their coloring need work, or anything else that's been
mentioned several times, there's no need for you to make yet another
post stating as much. The topic owner can read; there's no need to
pelt them with spam.
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Arts and Graphics Forum Rules
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