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 Nerine's Past

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PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:47 pm

Yays for a new chapter! Very Happy

And yup, Alex was wondering when there would be a new chapter. He says, though, that he felt like such a fool for not loving Nerine back then. Razz


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Miss Nile

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PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:54 pm

Chapter 24: Guarded by Serena

"Ok, let's go then."

Serena motioned for Nerine to follow her out of the hospital. Once outside, Serena said,

"Ok, you should lead the way to the shop. I'm not familiar with Lessire so it'll be quicker if you lead and I follow."

Nerine nodded and lead the way silently to the market where she bought the love potion. Inside, she had mixed feelings. She was feeling jealous that Alex fell in love even more with Rosalind but in the same time, she felt guilty. How could she do such a thing and try to break up between Alex and Rosalind? Did she love Alex so much that she almost went crazy?

Serena and Nerine entered the shop, where there
was an elderly lady standing behind the counter. Not wanting to waste
any time, Serena approached the lady and said,

"Hi. My friend
here (pointing to Nerine) bought a love potion from you earlier.
However, it wasn't used correctly and now we need an antidote for the
potion. Would you happen to sell one here?"

The old lady replied, "Oh, I am sorry. But those have run out already. You can come next week."

Serena almost fell down to the floor when she heard the news.

"Ok. Thanks anyway, ma'am. Let's go," said Serena and motioned for Nerine to follow her.

Once outside, Serena said,

now we definitely have a problem. Alex is going to be stuck like this
for a week and I have a feeling that Rosalind is not going to put up
with it."

Not really knowing what to say and unable to hide her jealousy anymore, she fell to the floor and cried,

"Now I am going to be in trouble! He should have loved me from the beginning!"

Serena stared down at Nerine. The comment definitely didn't escape her.

you didn't have a right to dictate whom Alex should fall in love with.
For a time, Alex thought he was in love with me but that ended up in
nothing and I don't feel that way about him. If you hadn't used that
love potion, we wouldn't be in this mess now."

For a moment, Nerine knew Serena was right. She had no right to use the love potion and decide whom Alex should fall in love with. But she loved him so much, how could she not fight for her love?

Replying, she said, "It's not my fault Alex is a great guy!"

Serena groaned.

"Urgh, ok, I admit that Alex is pretty good-looking but it's about the personality, too.

since it looks like it's going to be a week before we can get a hold of
the antidote, here's an idea. Let's go back to the hospital and I
suggest to Rosalind that Alex stay with me at Patriaclos' place. We'll
say something like he's sick and should be quarantined or something
like that. Hopefully, Rosalind won't mind being separated from Alex for
a week."

Nerine couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Yeah, right. Like he is going to do that."

"I didn't say that it would be easy." Serena rolled her eyes.

can put him under a spell to make him sleep and then teleport him back
to Patriaclos' place. Alex doesn't possess much magic himself so it's
not like he can easily find his way back to Rosalind. And perhaps
during that time, I can find another way to cure Alex of this love

Nerine replied, "Rosalind is not going to allow that to happen, too."

"Urgh, fine, whatever. Well, what do you propose
we do then? Just wait it out a week until the antidote is available?
I'm not going to babysit Alex for a whole week. I do have other things
to do and other problems to take care of."

Nerine thought it over for a second and replied, "You don't really have to, me and Rosalind can take care of him."

And personally, I'll be more than happy to take care of him.

Serena looked at Nerine a bit skeptically. She wondered if she would try any tricks.

but I don't want to see or hear of you trying anything else to get Alex
to fall in love with you. It's not right to manipulate a person's
heart. Alex loves Rosalind and he belongs with her and I, for one,
won't do anything to separate them."

Nerine sighed and replied, "Fine."

"Good. Now I think we should go back and see Rosalind and Alex and find out if there's anything else we can do."

Serena began the walk back to the hospital.

Nerine started to walk with Serena to the hospital quietly. She couldn't help but feel more and more jealous. Why couldn't Alex be hers? She loves him more than any woman can love him. Why can't he love her, too?

Sigh, my plan didn't work. But there must be another way, there must be!

Serena continued the walk back to the hospital
with Nerine, hoping that Nerine wouldn't try to trick Alex into falling
for her anymore.

I'd better keep a close eye on her just in case, for Alex's sake.

Afraid of the silence, Nerine decided to open a small chat with Serena.

"Serena, why don't you love Alex?"

Serena turned to face Nerine.

"Nerine, is
it? Well, I know it sounds crazy that I don't have romantic feelings
for Alex but I've always looked up to him more like an older brother.
We grew up together as kids and had a lot of fun but our relationship
never developed into more than friends. And I suppose it sounds strange
to you but I've wanted a man who bring some passion into my life and
well, I don't feel that way with Alex.

Besides, there is another man in my life whom I have strong feelings for."

Nerine pouted, wondering what man could be better than Alex.

"So who's that man that you think he is better than Alex?"

"I didn't say that he was better but I have
a deep romantic connection with him that I don't feel with Alex. A lot
of people wouldn't approve of the relationship but recently, I've
fallen for my former bodyguard. He declared his love for me, kissed me,
and I couldn't deny that there's an attraction between us. It's hard to

Nerine grinned a bit, having some naughty or more of evil thoughts. "So you really love him, don't you?"

Serena nodded.

"Yes, he's wonderful. I can't wait to be with him again."

Nerine couldn't help but laugh, although she didn't know why. "What would you do if he loved another girl?"

"I-I never thought about that. Rob told me
that he only loved me. My heart would weep if he no longer had feelings
for me. I was never in love before I met him and I would be scared if
he hurt me in any way."

Nerine asked, "Wouldn't you use a love potion or something like I did?"

Serena stared at Nerine for a moment.

would never resort to using a love potion on Rob. I have to be secure
and trust my heart that he loves me as much as I love him. Part of me
is scared but the other part trusts him so much and I know he'd never
do anything to hurt me."

Nerine shook her head. She thought that Serena might understand her reasons for using the love potion but she didn't. She simply could say, "You people can never understand that we sometimes need to sacrifice for love."

"What are you talking about? Rob loves me and I
love him and I don't need to use a love potion on him. His kiss proved
that his love for me is deep and true."

Serena continued walking along with Nerine and they were almost at the entrance of the hospital.

Nerine replied, "Never mind. Let's just go and just check on Alex and Rosalind."

Inside, Nerine didn't want really to see Alex and Rosalind together. She couldn't help but feel an acute fire inside her whenever she saw them together. She always felt so much jealousy for that.

"All right."

Serena and Nerine entered the hospital and found Alex and Rosalind. But it looked like the couple were having a fight.

Nerine looked confused at first saying the couple in a somewhat fight. But then her ears heard Alex saying,

"Ok but I just love you so much and I want to
express how my heart feels for you. I've never been so excited to meet
a woman as wonderful as you and I feel like screaming for joy before
the world."

Just then, Nerine could feel deep pain inside her. Those words were like a knife in her heart. Every word, no, every letter! Every letter felt like a deep cut in her heart.

Just then, Serena asked,

"Well, it looks like things are ok now. I was worried there for a moment."

Nerine couldn't help but just groan. She did her best not to tear up or let a tear go down her face. She controlled herself as best as she could. Serena then approached the happy couple and, unable to stay any longer, Nerine rushed out of the hospital without a word, rushing to her house. She cried and cried and ran as fast as she could. Her tears almost made her blind to what's in front of her. She felt so much pain, so much pain.

After lots of running, Nerine at last got to her house. She entered and then she threw herself to the ground and wept. So much pain did she feel, yet so much tears did she cry.

Why?! Why is this happening?! Why can't the one whom I love the most love me, too?! Why is Alex so blind to my love? I love him, I love him so much. I am truly, madly, deeply in love with him. I would die without him. But it's over. I heard it with my very own ears. He loves Rosalind, Rosalind and Rosalind only. Why is this happening?!

She got up slowly and the first thing she saw was an expensive lovely vase. Angry, sad, depressed and almost mad, she pushed to the ground but not it only. She kept pushing other things, too. Books, vases, small statues, everything. She kept crashing them all down. Even her drawings on the desk, none of them stayed on the table. All of them were pushed down. At last, Nerine fell on the bed and cried more and more. She cried so much that her tears ran dry. She could finally stop crying. But the pain inside couldn't be stopped.

Laying at the bed, Nerine's thoughts were running through her head. How could she see Alex again? She knew he doesn't know about the love potion or what she did but she was feeling too guilty to even face him again.

Thinking too much again, eh?

That voice was familiar to Nerine. It was the only voice she could hear, after all. Lycoris.

What do you want from me?! Isn't enough what you did to me!? You almost made me lose my best friend and more important, the only one I love!

That's why I am talking to you now. I know the first plan didn't work but of course, I have another one. And this time, it can't fail.

W-What are you talking about?

I made a bracelet that can take Alex for you. It should be only wore by Rosalind and then, all the memories of her Alex will be erased. Unless of course, it is taken from her hand.

But how can I trust you? And why would I do such a thing?

Because you love Alex, of course. And I am your sister, if I won't want what is the best for you, who will?

After that, Nerine stayed silent, thinking.


WHOA! That was REALLY long. But anyway, to make up for not posting for a long while. ^^ And Alex, I am wondering whether you still love Lycoris or not. Razz

Last edited by Love on Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:13 am; edited 1 time in total
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Number of posts : 55190
Age : 39
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Title : Hoping to be Yusei's greatest love
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PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:17 pm

lol on the length.

Anyway, love the new chapter. I feel so bad for Nerine, though. She must have been aching so much for Alex. Sad (And I saw that Greg was mentioned even though in the RP, he hadn't entered it yet. Wink )

Alex: Yup, I still love Lycoris. She doesn't give up on winning me. Very Happy

Urgh, the poor boy's lovestruck once again. Razz


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Miss Nile

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PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Tue Dec 16, 2008 4:10 am

lol poor Alex. Razz

And o.o? Greg entered the story? Where is that? O_O
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Number of posts : 55190
Age : 39
Location : Somewhere in New Domino looking for the love of my life ^^
Title : Hoping to be Yusei's greatest love
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PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Tue Dec 16, 2008 4:36 am

It's in the 4th paragraph of the chapter. I can get a quote if you want or I can just fix it. I think you meant Alex there but you said Greg instead. Wink


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Miss Nile

Number of posts : 53418
Age : 22
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PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:14 am

Ooops. Gomenasai, I fixed it. I guess I just used to writing 'Greg and Rosalind' instead of Alex and Rosalind. XD
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Number of posts : 55190
Age : 39
Location : Somewhere in New Domino looking for the love of my life ^^
Title : Hoping to be Yusei's greatest love
Registration date : 2008-03-14

PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:04 pm

Awww, it's ok. The story hasn't caught up to the RP yet. I wonder how Rosalind would react if she read this chapter, though. Razz

Anyway, Alex and I can't wait for the next chapter. Very Happy


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Miss Nile

Number of posts : 53418
Age : 22
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Title : Miss of The Grand Nile
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PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:55 am

lol Thanks. Rosalind has read it but she says that Alex was hers first and Nerine had no right to take him from her. Razz

Anyway, a new chappie. ^^


Chapter 25: Bracelet of memories

The next day, Nerine woke up with a heavy head. She felt a bad headache in her head that she never felt before. When she realized where she was, she found that she slept on a table all night. In front of her though, was a beautiful silver bracelet. Nerine wondered where had this come from since she didn't remember anything about it. She looked at confusedly, trying to remember anything about it. Suddenly though, she heard that same voice again.

Don't you know what that is?

Lycoris? Is that you again?

Why, of course it is me. No one can talk to you like that except me after all, am I right?

Y-Yeah. What is this bracelet?

That is the bracelet you made.

M-Me?! What on the earth are you talking about? I never made something like that.

Fine, I made it. I dragged you unconscious and then I took over your body to make it. Happy?

How- how can you do such a thing?!

I did that for your sake. You want Alex to be yours, don't you? Use this on Rosalind and she will forget all about her Alex. This way, there will be a chance of you and Alex being together.

W-What?! You expect me to agree to something like that? Impossible!

Why not? Don't you love Alex?

I- I do! With all of my heart, I do. But...Rosalind saved my life and she is my best friend; I can't betray her.

She won't remember anything about Alex, that's all. She will not be harmed.

But what about Alex? He will be heart broken will break my heart to see him like that.

Heart broken for sometime, maybe. But he will overcome it, if you show him your love.

Are you sure?

Of course I am. It's the only way to fight for your love.

Nerine felt confused and lost. Would she do that? Would she betray her friend? She really loved Alex but...did she love him enough to do that?

I have no choice, I'll go for it.

Without anymore hesitation, she washed her face and took the bracelet to go and look for Rosalind.

Luckily though, while she was walking, she noticed Rosalind walking around. She looked like she just came out of a shop. She approached her and said,

"Hey, Rosalind! Good to see you here. I...I was looking for you."

Rosalind replied, "Hey, Nerine. Good to see you, too. Why were you looking for me?"

Nerine took a deep breath and got out the bracelet of her pocket. She handed it to Rosalind and replied, "I- I wanted to give you this."

Rosalind was somewhat surprised although grateful for the gift. "Aww, thanks, Nerine. That's really nice of you."

She put on the bracelet but then, she suddenly began to feel really dizzy. Her head was spinning and before she knew it, she fell unconscious in Nerine's arms.

Nerine felt kind of guilty as Rosalind fell in her arms. She suddenly though noticed Serena coming in their direction. She freaked out, knowing that what would happen if Serena found them. She quickly focused her powers to summon her teleportion powers.

I never liked magic but in this case, I have to use it.

Focusing her powers to teleport her and Rosalind to Rosalind's house where Alex was expected to be, they soon arrived there, where Nerine saw Alex eating.

Acting, she said to him,

"Alex, please help me! Rosalind has gone unconscious."

Alex was alarmed. "What happened?! How did she get unconscious?"

Nerine replied, "I don't know. I met her in the market and while I was talking to her, she suddenly fainted in my arms. Please help me get her upstairs where she can rest."

"Yes, right away."

Alex carried Rosalind
in his arms and placed her in the bedroom, on the bed. As he was gently
placing her, he noticed a bracelet on her wrist.

"Hey, Nerine. What's this bracelet on Rosalind? I didn't see it when she went out this morning."

Nerine replied, "Um, I don't know. Maybe she bought it from a shop or something?"

"I see. I hope nothing is wrong with my dear wife."

Alex's face was full of worry and concern.

Nerine's eyes widened so open and she almost fell to the ground as she heard the news. "Your...what?"

Alex scratched his head, realizing that he had told the news already.

yeah. It was all of a sudden but Rosalind and I got married last night.
See the ring on her finger? I gave that to her. I'm so happy that we're
married now but I do hope she wakes up soon."

Alex turned his attention back to Rosalind.

Nerine felt deeply like crying. The tears were already forming in her eyes but she tried her best to keep stable and not let them spill or be seen. She replied,

"Umm, congrats?"

"Thanks, Nerine. I hope that when Rosalind wakes up, you can be there to wish her well, too."

Alex couldn't help but feel that something was a bit off. Turning his attention to Nerine for a moment, he said,

"Is everything ok? I can't help but feel that something's wrong."
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PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:06 pm

Ooohh another chapter out. I loved reading it. Very Happy

Hmm, now I wonder about Rosalind's reaction to this one. Razz


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Miss Nile

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PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:16 pm

Chapter 26: Throwing away hatred

Nerine quickly tried to smile and shook her head, trying to show Alex that she didn't feel anything bad.

"Oh, no, not at all! Nothing is wrong. Everything is fine."

For a moment, she turned her head to hide her tears. She felt so depressed.

Trust me, everything is wrong. Everything.

Just then, Rosalind began to open her eyes and wake up. She looked at Nerine and then looked at Alex. But when she looked at Alex, her face looked angry.

She yelled, "What happened here? And who's this?"

Nerine turned back to Rosalind and was about to reply when Alex replied first,

Alex was shocked that Rosalind didn't recognize him. "Darling? Don't you recognize me? It's Alex, your husband."

Still Rosalind looked confusedly at Alex and him calling her his wife made her even angrier. She slapped him and said, "What?! How dare you call me your wife?! Get out, now!"

Nerine now was growing worried and wanted to explain but she had no chance. She saw the tears flowing down Alex's face and her heart couldn't help but get broken. She felt deep pain for hurting him like that.

"What-what's going on?"

He turned to Nerine.

"Nerine, what happened? Why doesn't Rosalind remember me?"

Nerine tried to reply, to confess. The tears were already starting to spill but she couldn't have her chance.

Rosalind yelled, "Haven't you heard me?! I said get out, now!"

Alex was in too much shock to even respond. The tears fell harder and faster and he ran out as fast as he could.

Nerine tried to run after Alex but she was confused. Who should she go after? Rosalind or Alex? She decided to calm down Rosalind then see Alex.

She whispered to Rosalind, "Rosalind, please calm down. That was your husband, Alex. I...I can't explain now but I have to check Alex."

She ran downstairs to check out Alex and was pretty surprised to see him crying in Serena's arms, with another man with them whom she couldn't recognize. However, she was pretty worried for Alex, for he was so upset for her own mistake. She felt so guilty for hurting him like that.

Approaching Serena and Alex carefully, she asked, "Is he alright?"

Serena gave Nerine a look.

"Does he look all right to you? What did you do?" Serena looked at Nerine rather accusingly.

Nerine was taken aback by Serena's respond and although she felt like crying, she knew Serena was right. It was her own fault that Alex was so upset like this. But Nerine wasn't willing to tell anybody her secret, for she only wanted Alex to know.

She gulped and replied, "Only him deserves to know."

Serena noticed that Nerine had a guilty look on
her face and knowing what she witnessed between her and Rosalind
earlier, Serena figured that Alex got upset over that.

"Well, he's too upset to tell me and I have a feeling you did something. Did you hurt him or Rosalind in any way?"

Rob approached Serena. "Serena, I don't think it's fair to accuse-"

"Rob, don't interfere. I know that Nerine had something to do with this. I just know it."

Although Nerine was guilty, she was still unwilling to tell Serena, seeing as how she was strict with her.

"I am not going to tell you!"

"Why not? If you really cared for Alex, you would confess what you did and right his hurt."

Alex looked up as Serena and Nerine had their conversation. He looked Serena in the eyes.

"Did Nerine have something to do with my Rosalind? What do you know, Serena?"

"Ok, I might as well tell you what's been going on."

Nerine almost dropped dead from fear once Serena said the last sentence. A shiver ran through her body and she felt cold, colder than ever. She didn't want Alex to know but if he knew from Serena, he might never forgive her and that was the only thing that would kill Nerine. She thought that if in anyway, Alex is going to know, it's the best she tells him herself.

Yelling and in tears, she let out all what was hidden in heart for long.

"Alex, I am the reason in all of this! I am guilty, I made Rosalind forget you. Because...because I love you. I spilled that love potion on you, because I love you!"

"What?! How could you do such a horrible thing?" Alex looked at Nerine in shock.

Then he looked at Serena. "Did you know about all of this?"

looked down. "I knew about the love potion but Nerine made me promise
not to tell Rosalind because of their friendship. I didn't know about
her forgetting her memory until just now, though."

Obviously, Alex didn't really pay attention to her words, I love you. Those three words could tell all what's inside Nerine's heart. But he couldn't understand. How could he?

"I am sorry. I- I know what I have done is wrong but it was because I love you. I couldn't help but get jealous of Rosalind because she is so lucky to have you. I wanted you to be mine and mine only!"

Alex looked at Nerine, anger filling up inside
him. "Wouldn't you have known that there would have been no one else
for me but my dear Rosalind? This was so cruel and I can't ever-"

Just as Alex was about to continue those words - which Nerine knew what those words are - she was about to drop dead. He wouldn't forgive her? He wouldn't be even friends with her anymore? What would she do now? How would she live without her beloved? Even if there is only a little while before her 18th birthday and her death, she still wanted to spend that little duration with the one she loves the most. But how could be cruel to not realize how great her love is for him?

However, Alex didn't have the chance to continue. Serena saw that Alex was about to lose it and said,

"Calm down, Alex. At least Nerine admitted her guilt finally." Turning her attention to Nerine,

"If you want to make things right here, you need to tell us how Rosalind forgot about Alex and how to get her memory back."

Nerine had hope that if she told him how to make Rosalind remember him, he would forgive her. She quickly replied,

"Yes, there is a way. That bracelet on her hand, it's the reason. Get it off her and she will remember you."

Hearing that news, Alex immediately got up and ran upstairs to where Rosalind was resting on the bed.

In the meantime, Serena just shook her head at
Nerine. "Are you happy with what you've done, causing my best friend so
much pain?"

Nerine looked down and replied, "I'll never be happy with hurting the most one I love. I am sorry I did what I have done but it was only out of love for him."

"Still, that's no excuse. If you really did love
Alex, you would have wanted his happiness and he's happy with Rosalind.
If I were in love with him, which would never happen because I only
think of him as a friend, I would have never done such a thing." Serena
could only shake her head at Nerine.

Nerine knew Serena was right, that she shouldn't have done that. She would have accepted the situation as it is and moved on. She replied,

"I know and that's why I am feeling so guilty."

Serena could see that Nerine was indeed sorry for what she had done and let out a breath.

"All right but this is the last time I want to hear you going after Alex."

Nerine replied, "Don't worry, I won't. It's just I have never been interesting enough to charm any man. That's why I hadn't found a man before Alex."

Serena looked at Nerine, a bit of sympathy in her eyes.

"You'll find a guy for you eventually and he'll love you just as you are. It might take a little longer but it'll happen."

smiled at Nerine in an attempt to comfort her and then walked over to
Rob and held his arm. Looking into his eyes, she said,

"It looks like everything is ok now. I suppose we should get out of here?"

Rob nodded.

Feeling weak from all the stress that was put on her, Nerine sat down on the sofa to get her breathes. She could only sigh and say, "Like it's going to happen."

Serena was about to leave with Rob when she heard Nerine's comment. She walked over to her and said,

"It'll be ok. Love will hit you when you least expect it."

Serena squeezed Nerine's hand for a moment and then left the house with Rob.

As soon as Serena and Rob left the house, Nerine felt dizzy and collapsed on the sofa. She didn't lose consciousness but she felt too guilty and heart broken. The tears kept flowing her face and she kept weeping.

How could Lycoris persuade me to do what I have done? What heart could I have had to do it? I feel so guilty for breaking Alex's heart like that and causing him all that pain.


Writer's Notes: Man, finally had time to update. Sorry for the delay, I have been so busy lately. ^^;
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Awww, I felt bad for Nerine. And Alex does, too. He had no idea that Nerine was hurting so much at the time. Sad

And it's ok on updating. I know how busy we've all been. Wink


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Thought I should update since it's been a while and all.


Chapter 28: First Kiss on Beach

Nerine kept crying on the sofa, feeling so much hurt and pain. She finally felt what love means but it didn't do her any good. She thought that love is a good feeling but to her, it wasn't. She has fallen in love with someone whom she thought can never return her love. But she loved him so much and she couldn't stand seeing him not returning her love.

Why, Alex? Why can't you see how much I love you? I love you, I love you so much. I can shout out loud 'I love you!' in front of all people but it can never tell how much I love you. But why can't you understand?

She kept on weeping until she heard some footsteps. However, she didn't really care much. She guessed that if it's either Alex or Rosalind they will probably not talk to her. Rosalind is probably upset at what Nerine did and Alex almost said that he would never forgive her. She just kept on weeping and ignored them both.

Suddenly though, she felt a hand touching her gently. She wished it would be Alex but when she looked up, she found it was Rosalind smiling at her warmly. Rosalind asked,

"Nerine, what's the matter? Why are you crying?"

But Nerine gave no reply. She just carried on crying and weeping, too raw to reply. However, she could see then Alex approaching with a look of concern.

"Umm, would you like me to leave the two of you alone to talk? I'll go into the kitchen to prepare the food."

Quickly, Nerine got up and hugged Alex around the waist. She cried and said,

"I am sorry, I am really sorry! Forgive me, I am begging you!"

Alex was confused as to what Nerine could be
talking about. "Whatever do you mean, Nerine? Did you do something
wrong? I can't imagine you ever willingly cause harm to someone else.
You're a very kind person from what I can see."

Although Nerine was confused why couldn't Alex remember what happened between them, she replied,

"I am sorry I have tried to make you fall in love with me; I had no right. I am sorry but please, please forgive me."

Alex looked at Nerine, and she really did look sorry for all the trouble that was caused.

"Nerine, it's all right. At least things are set to what they should be again. Don't worry about it, ok?"

Alex lifted Nerine's chin slightly so that she could look at him.

Nerine looked relieved and happy as she heard Alex forgiving her for the trouble she had caused. She hugged him even closer and replied,

"Thank you very much! I was right, you are so kind!"

Alex smiled at Nerine and returned the hug.

"It's all right. Don't worry about it anymore, ok? We're all friends here."

Nerine felt so safe and warm hugging Alex. It was the first time she hugs him close and feels him close to her heart. She could hug him forever and deepen more and more in love with him. However, remembering that Rosalind was still there, she soon broke up the hug and wiped her tears.

Rosalind then said, "So shall we get going?"

Alex nodded. "Yup. We should have fun for the
rest of the day. Maybe Nerine can join us, if it's all right with you,

Rosalind replied, "Why, of course she can!"

"Very good then."

Turning his attention
to Nerine, Alex said, "So go and pack up your swimming gear because
we'll be leaving pretty soon. Oh and we need that picnic lunch before I
forget. You know how my stomach tends to be."

Nerine smiled a bit at Alex's last comment and so did Rosalind. She then said,

"Well, I'll go and prepare the food while Nerine packs her swimming gear."

Alex nodded. "Oh and make sure that we have lots of food since sometimes I eat a lot when I get hungry."

Rosalind nodded and then left for the kitchen. But then Nerine remembered that her swimming gear was in her house. She blushed in embarrassment and said, "Ehh, I forgot that my swimming gear is in my house."

Alex sweatdropped. "Ok. Well, hurry back to your house and pack up your swimming gear. Rosalind and I will wait."

Nerine nodded and quickly got out of house. She hurried to her house and as it wasn't far from Rosalind's house, she soon arrived there. She entered and then went upstairs to her bedroom. Before she begins packing up her swimming gear, though, she laid down on the bed, feeling a bit tired.

I am not really in a mood for a beach but I need to stay close to Alex. Even if we are only friends, still...

She stayed on the bed for a bit then got up and packed up her swimming gear. It was a beautiful bikini orange swimming suit. She put it in a bag along with a towel and some extra clothes.

She then went back to Rosalind's house where Alex and Rosalind were waiting for her.

Soon, they all got out of the house and went to the beach. They soon arrived and everyone went to change. Nerine and Rosalind went to the ladies' bathroom while Alex went to the men bathroom. Once everyone was changed, they all went back where everyone was dressed in their swimming gears and Nerine could notice Alex staring at them for a while.

"Wow! You two look great. Now let's hit the water, shall we? It's been a while since I went out for a swim."

Nerine wanted to have some fun with Alex so running to the water, she said,

"Race then!"

She was about to hit the water before she realizes Rosalind staying in her place. She then remembered that Rosalind can't swim and couldn't help but feel more disappointed as she saw Alex beginning to teach Rosalind how to swim. Sighing, she sat on the sand far from the water and hugged her knees looking at them.

Alex then continued teaching Rosalind for a while but then they eventually were done. Nerine then went to them after she had heard Alex asking where she was.

"I am here, watching you two."

"So how long have you been waiting for us?"

Alex felt kind of bad that he hadn't paid attention to Nerine while helping Rosalind.

Nerine smiled and replied, "Well, since you have begun the swimming lessons."

"Oh really? But it must have been boring to just watch us and all," replied Alex.

"Well, maybe this is a good time to have lunch. My stomach is growling."

Nerine giggled a bit and replied, "Well, I'll go and get the lunch ready."

She went back to the basket and began to set everything out. Soon, she could see Rosalind and Alex returning.

"So is the picnic all ready?" Alex asked.

Nerine smiled and replied, "Yup, it's all done."

"Yays! Let's eat." Alex sat himself down and eagerly awaited for the others to do the same so they could all start eating.

Then Nerine and Rosalind did the same and seated themselves.

Seeing as how Rosalind and Nerine sat down, Alex dove right in and took a sandwich and started eating.

"Wow! This is great."

Nerine then took a sandwich and so did Rosalind.

They continued eating until Rosalind stood up suddenly.

"Uh, I'll go to the bathroom."

Alex saw Rosalind suddenly get up and go to the bathroom and wondered if she was all right.

"Nerine, did Rosalind act strange to you just now?"

Nerine looked at the direction Rosalind went through and replied, "Yeah, I wonder what's up."

"I'll go check up on her just to make sure she's all right."

Alex got up and walked to the entrance of the ladies' room while Nerine waited for him. Soon, he returned.

"I don't want to impose upon you but would you
mind checking up on Rosalind? She says she's all right but I have a
feeling that something's wrong."

Nerine wondered what was up with Rosalind but then stood up.

"I'd go and check her, maybe she is just tired."

"All right. Thanks, Nerine."

Nerine walked to where the bath room was and entered. There, she saw Rosalind who looked like washing her hands.

Nerine asked, "Um, Rosalind, is everything alright?"

Rosalind gave a different look and replied, "Why, of course everything is alright. Why do you ask?"

Nerine looked confused but replied, "Um, it's nothing. Never mind."

She then walked back to where Alex was.

"Um, Rosalind is alright. What was with you?"

"What do you mean? When I talked to Rosalind, she didn't sound ok. Are you sure she's not hiding something?"

Nerine shrugged. "I don't know, but she looked perfectly fine to me."

"Ok." Alex decided not to think anymore about it then.

While waiting for Rosalind to get back, Alex decided to make some conversation.

"So how are you enjoying the day so far?"

Nerine smiled. "Oh, it's nice. I like spending it with you." Nerine looked lovingly at Alex when she said that.

Alex didn't get the meaning of how Nerine looked
at him. "I'm glad that you're having fun. It sure is a beautiful day,
isn't it?"

Nerine approached Alex a bit and replied, "But you know, it wouldn't have been beautiful without you."

Alex turned a bit red as Nerine approached him. He coughed a bit.

"Hmm, so I wonder how Rosalind is. I hope she comes back soon."

Nerine could see Alex turning a bit red and she couldn't help but feel happy a bit. Was she succeeding to make Alex closer to her at last?

She held his arm and replied, "I am sure she is coming really soon, you don't have to worry about her."

Alex nodded, feeling a bit weird in the position that he was in.

"So Nerine, I'm glad that the two of us are friends. I hope we'll always be friends, no matter what."

Nerine couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed that Alex said that they are only friends and that he hopes they only stay like that forever. She pouted and replied, "Only friends, nothing more?" She battle ashed her eyebrows, flirting with Alex.

Alex coughed and moved a bit away from Nerine.

"Umm, Nerine, you do know that I'm married now, right? My heart only belongs to Rosalind."

Nerine approached Alex again even closer.

"Yeah, I know. But what is the matter with having two wives?"

She couldn't believe what did she just say. TWO wives?! What was she thinking?!

Alex coughed even louder.

"Don't get me
wrong. You're very beautiful and you have a good heart but I can't be
married to two women. And what would Rosalind say? I doubt she'd be
comfortable sharing me."

Nerine bit her lips and felt a bit uncomfortable herself. She felt as if she wasn't getting to Alex, not showing him how much she loves him. Without thinking, she approached him and kissed him sweetly on the lips for a moment. Although it was only one moment, it was a sweet gentle moment that Nerine enjoyed a lot. She showed him how much she loves him and how much she cares for him. Once the kiss was broken, she looked into Alex's eyes and said,

"That to show you how much I love you."

Alex stared at Nerine in surprise, not knowing
how to react. For some reason, though, the kiss wasn't entirely
unwelcome. Without even thinking, Alex approached Nerine and returned
the kiss with a little more passion.

Nerine was astonished that Alex returned her kiss. Her eyes widened in surprise and she stared mouth opened at Alex.

I- I thought he doesn't love me. Why did he kiss me?

"Why- Why did you do that?"

Alex looked away. "I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."

He put his head down, as he was too ashamed to say anything more.


What a long chappie. O_O Anyway, here is a pic of bikini Nerine:

Look, Alex! Hot Nerine!

Nerine looks hot, eh, Alex? I bet you will keep staring at that pic. Laughing
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I enjoy reading long chapters so it's all good. I can't wait for the next one. I'm looking forward to when Alex and Nerine are in the park. ^^

Alex: Woot! Nerine is so hot. *takes pics* Very Happy

phoenix: Rolling Eyes Men...


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lol on Alex. Just as expected. Laughing


Chapter 29: Weird Rosalind

Nerine didn't know what to make of the kiss. Why would Alex kiss her back? He doesn't love her or does he? All this time it seemed that he was deeply in love with Rosalind but what with this kiss? Why did he kiss Nerine back? In this state of shock and surprise, her face turned into pure red and she replied,


Although that wasn't the perfect reply, Nerine didn't know what to say else than that.

"I really am sorry, Nerine. My kisses should
have only been for Rosalind and as much as I care for you, I can't
think of having another lover in my life. But I'm sure that someday, a
really great guy will come into your life and then you'll forget all
about me."

Nerine was somehow disappointed. She did wish that maybe, maybe there is a hope of Alex loving her. But now there is not. How could she forget all about Alex? She has never loved someone as much as she loves Alex. She could never and would never love anyone as much as she loves him.

Although she felt like crying at that moment, all she could do is to reply,

"I- I understand. I- I suppose I had no right to fall in love with you in the first place."

Just then, Rosalind came back although something looked off with her. Nerine noticed that Alex jumped up a bit, though, probably because of what were they saying. She could see them then talking again so she stayed silent. After a moment, though, Alex asked her if they could talk alone for a second. She went with him and asked,

"What's the matter?"

Alex checked to make sure that Rosalind couldn't hear the two of them.

maybe it's just me but I felt something strange with Rosalind. She's
not her usual self. It's like something dark has taken over her. I
wondered if I was the only one who felt that or if you had that
feeling, too."

Although Nerine wasn't really paying much attention to them, she did notice that as well.

She replied, "Y-Yes, I noticed that, too. Maybe you can just talk to her and ask her if something is wrong."

He nodded and went to Rosalind. Meanwhile, Nerine just waited. After a moment, he came back.

Whispering, he said,

"I'm still not sure
if Rosalind is all right. I used my power on her and she said she was
ok but something still feels off. Anyway, she wanted to go home. Do you
want to come with us?"

Nerine thought it was the best to leave them alone now plus, she needed to go back home as she wasn't feeling very well. She was beginning to feel a bit hot and dizzy and wanted to go back home. Making up an excuse to leave, she said,

"Um, I can't. I have to go and...check on my mother."

"All right. Well, we can talk later then." Alex hugged Nerine and then ran back to Rosalind.

Nerine blushed a bit as Alex hugged her and then took her bag and went to the ladies' room. She took a bath and then changed into her extra clothes outfit. Once done, she carried her bag and then walked back to her house.

I am sorry for lying to you, Alex, but you shouldn't know about my past.

Soon, she arrived at her house. She opened the door and then went upstairs to her room. She put the bag she carried on the bed and was about to change her clothes when she felt a sudden deep pain in her heart. She put her hand on her chest and tried to overcome it but she couldn't. Slowly, she began to get dizzier and dizzier. Her image became blurry and she felt hot that sweat was coming down her face. She tried to keep her balance but with all of the dizziness and hotness, she collapsed on the bed's side and took deep, heavy breathes. Soon enough, she lost her consciousness or more like fell asleep out of tiredness.
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Awww, poor Nerine. And Alex had no idea that she was in so much pain. Sad

(Oohh looks like I have to eat dinner now but I'll be back later. ^^)


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Chapter 30: Drawing my beloved

Slowly, Nerine began to open her eyes and regain consciousness. She felt heavy and had a sharp headache which hurt her a lot. As she became fully awaken although still tired, she realized that it was already evening. She put her hand on her head but thankfully, she wasn't hot or anything. However, it took her a while to notice that all that time, she was sleeping on the ground which probably caused her the headache. She stood up and then laid her head on the pillow to rest a bit. As she slept for a long time, she didn't really feel sleepy. After about 15 minutes of lying down, Nerine realized it's better to get up.

Hmm, last I remember was coming back from the beach but then the rest is blank. What happened to me? Umm I guess it's useless to think about this now. I'll change and get me something to eat.

She took out from the wardrobe a white blouse and a red skirt. The blouse had a black bow on the top and the skirt was beautifully decorated by black. Once Nerine had a quick bath, she changed into them and then paid attention to take care of the old clothes and her swimsuit and wash them.

Once all of that done, she walked downstairs and went to the kitchen. She took out some orange juice and a small peanut jam sandwich. It was a small, simple snack, nothing special.

As she sat down to eat her snack, her thoughts turned to Alex. But it wasn't really something new as she has always thought of him. She thought of the kiss they shared on the beach and couldn't help but blush at the thought. She wondered what would it be like if he ever returned her love. But she knew that it was almost hopeless for that to happen. She decided it's better not to see Alex again so that she doesn't attach to him more and cause troubles. However, she knew it will be very hard to do so.

How can I spend one day without you, my beloved? Without seeing your eyes...

She sighed and once she was done with her snack, she washed her hands and the dishes then sat down on the sofa in the living room. As she was feeling a bit bored, she decided to do her favorite thing and draw.

She got a pencil and a paper and then began to draw. Surprisingly though, she didn't know what she was drawing. She just drew randomly, like her heart was drawing. However, after sometime, she realized that she was drawing her beloved, Alex. She was happy and she continued to draw for sometime, making sure to make it almost perfect. She had to erase here and there a few times, but it was all good. She had fun more than anytime she has drawn before. After about two hours, she eventually got tired. She decided to just continue tomorrow.

Staring at the half-done picture, Nerine felt as if she was looking at the real Alex. Her heart beat faster and faster and she felt happy.

You are such a meanie. Why don't you return my love and make me comfortable? Why don't you appreciate my great love for you? Why are you being so mean...loving a woman whom even though she might love you, her love can never be as great as mine?

Deepening and sinking in the love, Nerine approached the picture and kissed where Alex's "drawn" lips are. Although she was kissing just a paper, it felt as if she was kissing the real Alex, giving him all the love in her heart.
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Interesting chapter and I'm happy to read another new chapter so soon. Very Happy

Hmm, does Nerine really love Alex more than Rosalind did? I wonder if we can have a debate on it. Razz


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lol Yup, yup. We can have a debate if you want although I have a feeling Nerine will win in the end. Razz
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Wow, chapter 31. I was planning to make this a short story but it became a novel. O_O


Chapter 31: Can't get you out of my head

Nerine continued kissing the "paper Alex" for a while. She enjoyed kissing it although she knew it wasn't real, that it was just a drawing. Once she stopped kissing the paper, she kept gazing lovingly for a long while. She couldn't help but wonder. Is that really what love is? To want to be with someone so much, to be ready to trade the whole just to spend one moment with him...was it a good or a bad feeling? It sometimes caused pain and sometimes it caused beautiful feelings. Nerine couldn't know. She didn't like seeing Alex and Rosalind together but in the same time, she loved Alex very much that she couldn't stop thinking of him. Everywhere she went, anytime, she was always thinking of him, of his eyes. She remembered that moment when she first met him, when she first say his gentle eyes. She felt that feeling- that love she had never felt before.

My only only wish is that you return my love, my dear Alex. It might be hard but I can be loved, can't I? Or is Rosalind better than am I? I can't control your heart...I can't tell who you can love or not, that is true. But I can try, I can try to show you how great is my love. I can try to make you realize.

She stood up and walked to the window. The sky was blue and clear, beautiful as ever. The moon was shining brightly and it was a lovely night. Nerine could feel a slight breeze running through her body and it made her feel comfortable and happy. For a reason she couldn't know, she felt as something good might happen. She had hope that things might get better. Standing in the window in a such beautiful night, Nerine began to sing delicately a lovely song, which from her voice could reflect her love for Alex. She sang every word and every tone for him, wishing if he could hear her. But as he couldn't, all Nerine could do was to sing and hum for him.

She sang for a while but then, she eventually got tired. She got a bit sleepy and yawned softly. She then decided to go to sleep as she couldn't stay awake any longer. It was a long, tiring day for her. However, her mind came suddenly to the pain she felt when she came back from the beach briefly. It felt as if someone dear to her had felt a deep pain. Could it be Alex? Is he ok? Or was it just a normal pain?

I...I feel that pain usually. Alex is ok, he must be, he must be.

Doing her best to forget it, she went into the bathroom and changed into a night dress. She then laid down on her bed and immediately fell asleep as she was very tired. Her dreams were all of her beloved Alex.
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Ooohh Nerine must have sensed that Alex was in danger.

And I love that how this story is going. I always look forward to reading a new chapter. Very Happy


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Chapter 32: Rosalind knew it all

The next morning, Nerine woke up as the sun shone brightly in the sky. She felt pretty lazy, not wanting to wake up and just wanting to sleep again. But realizing that sleeping would waste time, she slowly overcame her sleepiness and walked to the window.

It was a lovely morning. Birds singing, trees greenish, flowers blooming, Nerine loved the sight.

After staring at the beautiful sight for a while, she decided to go ahead and start her day. She made her bed and then entered the bathroom to get ready for the day. She washed herself up and then changed into a beautiful yellow dress that had black ribbons in. After that was done, she went downstairs to have a fast breakfast. She drank some milk and was about to get some jam to make a sandwich when she realized that there was only a little food in the icebox.

Man, I got so busy thinking about Alex that I forgot to do the shopping. God, I'll starve if I don't stop slacking.

She got her bag and checked that she has enough money and then went out to go shopping.

A peaceful walk it was as Nerine headed for the market to buy some food. All the way, she still couldn't stop thinking about Alex.

Man, I must be lovesick not to stop thinking about Alex like that.

Being in her deep thoughts, Nerine didn't realize the roses field she was passing through when she was walking. She only noticed when she began sneezing heavily. She got out a handkerchief and put it under her nose then ran as quickly as possible away from the roses field.

Again, I am lovesick that I forgot not to take the roses field way. I am allergic to them.

She sighed and then continued on her way. She was close to the market when she noticed Alex, who looked like searching for something- or perhaps someone.

As much as she wanted to stay away from him to not cause conflicts, as much as she wanted to go to him and stay close. Unable to control herself, she ran to him happily.

"Hey Alex! I didn't expect to see you here. How are you doing?"

Alex was surprised to see Nerine so quickly, for he had expected that it wouldn't be easy to find her.

replied, "Oh hey, Nerine. Ummm, can I talk to you privately, please?
There's something you should know and I need to tell you before anyone
else does."

Nerine wondered what did Alex want to her although she was somewhat happy. She nodded and replied,

"Sure, what about coming to my house? We can have sometime alone there."

Alex nodded. "All right. That's fine with me."

He followed Nerine to her house, knowing that he had to tell her what happened between him and Rosalind earlier.

Nerine happily yet quietly led the way to her house. In a little time, they arrived there. Nerine opened the door and said, "Here we are, please come in."

Alex entered Nerine's house. He found it quite lovely and pleasant, comfortable and nicely furnished.

"Your place is nice, Nerine."

He took in the view before him.

Nerine smiled and was about to speak when she realized that she hasn't removed Alex's drawing from yesterday. She blushed in embarrassment, not knowing what to say.

Alex noticed that Nerine seemed embarrassed and
wondered what was up. After all, the two of them had agreed to be
friends so there should be no secrets between them.

It was then that he observed an unfinished drawing. He approached it and pointed it out to Nerine.

"Hey, what's this?"

Nerine scratched her head and replied, "Umm, well, I was trying to draw a picture of you and all and uhh..."

Alex replied, "Wow! Really? I didn't know you
could draw. This is quite good. I can't wait to see how it turns out in
the end. You're quite talented."

Nerine blushed delicately and replied, "Um, thanks. I hope you don't mind that I wanted to draw you especially, though."

Alex blushed, realizing that Nerine still kept
him in his thoughts. Then he realized that he needed to talk to her
about what happened earlier.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There was a reason I needed to talk to you privately."

Nerine nodded and replied, "Um, yeah. So what did you want to tell me? And ummm, where's Rosalind? Isn't she with you?"

Alex sighed. "Well, she was but you see..."

He didn't know the best way to explain what had happened so he just decided to go right out and say it.

no easy way to say this. Rosalind suspected that I was keeping
something from her so I told her about what happened between us
yesterday. Although I told her that you and I had agreed that there
could be nothing further than friendship from here on out, I could tell
that Rosalind was pretty upset. I thought I should tell you in case she
confronts you about this."

Nerine was pretty shocked when Alex told her these news. She didn't want Rosalind to know otherwise things wouldn't really be good between them. But now, it was too late anyway.

She put her hand on her mouth in shock and replied, "Oh no. Rosalind shouldn't have known, at least not this way."

Alex looked down. "I didn't want to tell her, at
least not right away. But the thing is, she suspected that I was
hesitant when she wanted to ask you to come with us to see my parents.
It's not anything against you but after what happened, I thought we
needed some time apart. And then things just unravelled from there."

You wanted us...apart?

Nerine was pretty upset when she heard that Alex wanted her away from him. She sighed and replied, "Perhaps you should look for her. Rosalind is pretty stubborn and she might hurt herself."

Alex was wide-eyed when he heard Nerine say that Rosalind might hurt herself.

"What?! I have to find her! Where could she be?"

Nerine thought about it for a second and then replied, "Um, you might find her in the south park. It's her favorite place and she always goes there when she is upset."

Alex nodded. "Thanks. I'll go find Rosalind now and talk to her."

Quickly, he got up and kissed Nerine on the cheek and then ran out to go find Rosalind.

Nerine blushed warmly as Alex kissed her on the cheek. Although Nerine was upset earlier about what Alex said, she felt a bit happy that they were getting closer. Her eyes came upon the calender and she realized that her birthday wasn't very far ahead.

Six days...and then comes my death.

She then noticed something though. Rosalind's birthday was only one day far, tomorrow. She got an idea and thought,

Wait, maybe Alex and Rosalind can make up because of that.

She got up quickly and decided to go after Alex.
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Awww, poor Nerine. Alex says that he had no idea that he hurt her at the tiem, though. He was afraid of his feelings for her, that it would turn out to be love, which is, of course, what happened. Wink


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Chapter 33: Dream comes true

Nerine went after Alex, wanting to tell him about Rosalind's birthday. She decided to go to the south park and see if she can find him and Rosalind there. She ran as fast as she can to there, but as she ran, she suddenly began to feel too tired. She felt a bit dizzy and stopped running. She lent against a wall in a corner to take her breathes.

What...what is happening to me? I have been too tired lately. Is it because of the illness again? I thought it is getting better...

She did her best to regain her composure again and went ahead to the south park. But when she arrived there, she couldn't find them at all. She searched left and right, but with no results at all.

Hmm, I might find them at home.

She quickly ran into the direction of Rosalind's house. It didn't take long before she arrived there and knocked the door.

Once the door opened, Nerine saw Alex on the other side. She said,

"Heya Alex! Sorry if I came in an unsuitable time but I was worried for you and Rosalind."

Alex couldn't help but smile a bit at seeing Nerine.

"Hey, Nerine. It's good to see you. Please come in."

Nerine entered the house slowly and smiled at Alex.

"You must have found Rosalind since I've found you here. Anyway, after you left, I was gazing at the calender when I realized that tomorrow is Rosalind's birthday. Why don't you buy her a gift so that you two make up?"

Alex replied, "Oh, tomorrow is Rosalind's birthday? I should get her something then-plan a special surprise and all. But I don't want to leave her alone right now..."

He didn't know if he could tell Nerine what had happened earlier, especially with the looks that he had received from Rosaline over the whole mess.

As Nerine wanted to go with Alex, she didn't think of herself staying with Rosalind. She said,

"Awww, that's a problem. Now what are we going to do?"

Alex thought it over. "I don't really know. I have an idea of the perfect birthday present for Rosalind. It'll require a lot of planning but it can be done. I just don't want to leave her alone at the moment. Maybe...If you wouldn't mind watching over her, I'd feel better knowing that someone was looking after her while I'm taking care of the preparations."

Nerine disappointed since she did want to be go with Alex. But seeing as how he wanted to make sure Rosalind is alright, she decided to not say anything.

"Um, sure. I- I will be glad to do that."

Although Nerine agreed to look after Rosalind, Alex could tell by the sound of her voice that she was a bit reluctant to do so.

"Well, since Rosaline is here, maybe she can look after Rosalind. What do you think of the idea?"

Alex turned in Rosaline's direction to hear her response.

Rosaline rolled her eyes and then nodded.

"Fine. I'll take care of the Sleeping Beauty so that the prince makes a surprise for her birthday. Sure thing."

Alex ignored the sarcasm and looks that Rosaline responded with and turned to Nerine.

"All right. Let's go find a really great gift for Rosalind, shall we?"

Alex opened the door to let Nerine pass.

Nerine nodded happily to Alex and replied, "Let's go!"

Nerine and Alex walked side by side, in which Nerine really enjoyed the walk. She loved being out with Alex. They found a little gifts shop and there they bought a lovely necklace for Rosalind. After that, they decided to spend sometime in the park.

Nerine noticed a shady, comfortable-looking tree and pointed it out for Alex.

"Hey, let's sit there."

Alex nodded. He saw the shade where Nerine had pointed out and sat down on a patch of grass where it was pretty down. He waited for Nerine to join him.

Looking at his surroundings, Alex noticed that there weren't too many people in the park. It was nice, quiet, and comfortable.

"It's a beautiful day, isn't it?"

Despite what had happened earlier, Alex was starting to feel a little better, having gotten Rosalind a birthday present for tomorrow.

Nerine sat down beside Alex and looked at the surroundings, it was a beautiful, for sure.

"Yup, and do you know what's the most beautiful thing in it?" Nerine held up to Alex's arm as she said those words. "That you are here with me."

Alex smiled after he heard Nerine's words.

In reply, he said, "The day wouldn't be quite so nice if you weren't here with me as well. It's nice to enjoy the day, nothing uneventful happening."

Nerine blushed at Alex's words. Deciding to open a small chat, she said,

"Um, so tell me more about yourself. I don't think I know much about you."

Alex scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Yeah, we don't know much about each other, do we? Ok then. Hmm, where to begin...I grew up as the only son of noble parents in a far away land, Devenshire. My parents are pretty important people there. Before I left home, my duty was to take care of the villagers who resided on our lands. I'm to inherit my parents' estate someday.

Serena and I grew up as best friends until we were separated and since then, I always wanted to find her again and I'm glad that I did. It brought me some answers that I was searching for."

Nerine was a bit surprised by Alex's words. She never thought he might be of a noble age or so.

"Wow. May I ask what are these answers, if you don't mind?"

Alex replied, "Oh sure. I don't mind telling you about my past. Well, you may be surprised to hear this but Serena and I were supposed to be married now. When we were younger, our parents thought that the two of us would make a good match and so had us destined to be together. However, as fate would have it, we were separated. Since then, I hadn't thought much about her until my parents started trying to set me up with these other young eligible women from neighboring lands. But I never felt anything towards them. I had feelings for Serena and I wanted to explore them, to find out what they were. At the time, I thought that I was in love with her but during this journey, I discovered that I wasn't in love with her at all. She's more like my best friends and friends we'll always be.

And besides, she likes that Rob fellow."

Nerine continued, "And you love Rosalind, right?"

Alex thought it over before replying.

"Why yes, I do but...I don't know. I feel like I'm betraying her in some way but my whole heart doesn't love her for some reason and I feel terrible even saying that. We're married and I should only devote myself to her and no one else."

Alex hung his head down, not knowing how Nerine would react to that.

Nerine was astonished wt what Alex said. She never imagined him saying that.

She asked, "But why is that? What has Rosalind done?"

Quickly, Alex replied, "Oh no, it's nothing that Rosalind did. I mean, I'll admit that when I found out that we got married, it took me by surprise but I'm sure in time, I'd get used to it.

It's just that for some reason, part of my heart loves someone else and it isn't Serena."


"Um, may I ask who could that person be?"

Alex looked into Nerine's eyes, wondering if it was the right time to tell her.

"Well, I can tell you but you must promise me that you will never tell anyone else, especially Rosalind. She's been through enough already and if she were to find out about this, I-I would never forgive myself."

Nerine smiled and replied, "Yup! You can always trust me."

Alex nodded. "All right then. This person whom I care for has been with me recently. Whenever I'm around her, I feel something stirring, like I live life with her. And well, the person whom I have such feelings for"

Alex stared into Nerine's eyes, wondering how she would react over this news.

For a moment, Nerine's heart almost stopped, unable to say a word but,


Could it be true? Could it be...that Alex finally returned my love?


So sorry that this chapter might seem clichy and all. I wrote it and I was sleepy, tired and I had a headache with a sore throat. Gomenasai. ^^;
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PostSubject: Re: Nerine's Past   Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:20 pm

Awww, what a great chapter. Nerine must have been so happy to hear that Alex loves her. ^^

And I hope you're feeling better, Love. Smile


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Chapter 34: Love returned, wish granted, story ended

Alex nodded. "Yes, it's you. That kiss we shared on the beach...I wanted to tell myself that it was nothing, that it was a huge mistake but part of me enjoyed the time that I was with you. Part of me wants to be with you, explore the world together, enjoy life to its fullest, but I can't do that. I'd betray Rosalind and I can't hurt her like that.

Maybe if we hadn't gotten married so quickly, things might have been different but now...I guess I'll just have to deal with the fact that I have these feelings and suppress them."

Although part of Nerine felt so happy to hear these news, part of her was afraid it was all her fault. But she couldn't think of anything she has done to make Alex fall in love with her after that love potion and the bracelet. She felt guilty for no reason.

Her eyes teared up and she replied, "But...why?! Why did you fall in love with me now?! I didn't do anything to make you love me. Although I am very happy to hear it, I am sad"

The words couldn't come out of Nerine's mouth. She wanted to say that she was sad because she was now a reason of conflicts between him and Rosalind but however, she couldn't, she wouldn't.

Am I stupid? I wanted him to love me and now after he does, I refuse it!

Alex replied, "This isn't your fault. It's entirely mine for having these feelings. I shouldn't because they're wrong but I can't deny how I feel.
If this hurts you too much, we can forget about this conversation and go back to being friends. We can pretend this never happened." can't forget it! I love you, and after now, I love you even more!

She quickly threw herself into his arms, hugging him and crying into him. She replied, "I don't want to forget about it! You can never imagine how happy am I now!"

Surprised by Nerine's reaction, Alex didn't know what to say for a moment. In a way, he enjoyed holding Nerine and seeing how happy she was after he had told her that he cared for her.
But realizing that they couldn't live in this fantasy world, Alex responded, "I truly wish we could be together. More than anything, I want to be the kind of lover that you deserve, someone who can be 100% fully committed to you. But I am married and at the moment, I cannot leave Rosalind. She's vulnerable and who knows what might happen if I even suggest the idea of breaking up with her? I should stay with her because it makes her happy. So we need to forget about the possibility of the two of us ever being together."

Alex looked into Nerine's eyes afterwards. Part of him longed to kiss her, to show her how much he cared but he knew that would be wrong, that their love was forbidden.

Nerine wiped her tears and then looked into Alex's eyes. Knowing now how much he loves her and returns her love, she couldn't ask for anything more. She replied, "I- I understand. But can I ask...why don't you love Rosalind anymore? I mean, you loved her so much and now...I am surprised."

With his right hand, Alex brushed a lock of Nerine's hair so that he could gaze into her beautiful eyes, bright from the tears.

He replied, "I don't know if I can explain why my heart isn't fully committed to Rosalind anymore. Maybe things just moved too fast, you know? I mean, when I went to search for Serena, I fully expected my heart to be with her but that did not turn out to be the case. And then everything happened so fast. I suppose I needed things to slow down before I realized what had happened. I don't know if that makes any sense."

Nerine blushed slightly and gazed into Alex's eyes. "I suppose I understand what you mean. But I am surprised...I am surprised because you seemed to be in love with Rosalind so deeply and it's astonishing that you don't love her anymore."

Listening to Nerine's words, Alex felt more confused than ever.
Shaking his head, he replied, "No, it's not that I don't love Rosalind anymore. I do but maybe the feeling isn't as strong as before. I feel like
things have been moving too quickly and I haven't had any time to breathe.
Normally, I'd suggest that the best thing would be for the two of us to be apart for some time. That way I can find out if I still do love Rosalind as passionately but this is not a good time. She needs to be protected as much as possible and she must never know of my feelings, my doubts."

Nerine looked confused as Alex said that Rosalind needs to be protected. She asked him, "Um, did anything bad happen to Rosalind that I don't know of?"

Alex replied, "Well, after I left your house earlier, I went to the park and there, I found Rosalind but I saw that she was being attacked by a thief. I came to her aid but not before he-"
Alex became angered at the thought of what that thief had done to Rosalind earlier.

Nerine grew more worried and asked, "Um, did anything bad happen?"

It took a while before Alex could respond to Nerine's question.
"That-that thief kissed her! I could kill him for hurting Rosalind like that. I may not be as madly in love with her as before but that dirtbag had no right to touch her like that. And before he left, he claimed he would go after her again."
There was such fire in his eyes at the thought that the thief would go after Rosalind again. But seeing as how it would alarm Nerine, Alex made an effort to calm down.
"I'm sorry about my outburst. I just can't stand anyone hurting someone that I care about. But you can see why I can't leave Rosalind now."

Nerine looked a bit shocked at the news of a thief kissing Rosalind. However, this wasn't a surprise to her. But she understood why Alex was angry and she couldn't blame him.

"I understand. It must be annoying for you when someone touches or hurts someone you love or care about." Nerine paused for a second then

"But such a thing used to happen often. Rosalind was always a point of interest for men and well...these things happened a lot for her."

"What?! Other men have touched Rosalind? How bad have these attacks been?"

Alex wondered if he really did want to know how badly Rosalind had been treated.

Nerine was a bit taken aback and maybe a bit fearful. Nodding, she replied, "Uhh, yes. That's why I wasn't surprised when you mentioned that thief."

Seeing as how Nerine was scared, Alex made an effort to calm down.

"I'm sorry, Nerine. It's just that this is the first time I've heard that
such things have happened to Rosalind. Now I don't know what to do
except that I need to stay with her and protect her. Maybe I should
take her away from here. Maybe then the attacks on her will stop."

Nerine looked disappointed when Alex suggested moving Rosalind away from Lessire to protect her.

Now when you returned my want to leave me so fast?

She replied to him, "Does that mean...that I won't be able to see you or Rosalind again?"

Alex replied, "I don't know yet. This idea just popped in my head and I don't even know if Rosalind will go along with this idea. Eventually, I would have to move back to Devenshire to take over my parents' estate and business although I hope I won't have to do that for many years.

But if it comes to us having to leave to keep Rosalind safe, I do want to see you one more time so that I can never forget you."

Alex placed his hand on Nerine's chin and lifted it up so that he could gaze
into her eyes. There was so much he wanted to say, how he wished that
he could be romantic with her but at the same time knew that they were
in a public place and people might talk if they were seen together.

Nerine blushed but she stayed silent to enjoy this romantic moment with Alex. She felt so warm and light with him, like she wanted nothing more than just staying by his side. However, little did she know that this lovely romantic moment was about to be interrupted when she began to cough so hardly, unable to stop.

Alex was alarmed when he saw that Nerine was coughing.

"What's wrong? Are you ill? Shall I get a doctor for you?"

Although it took Nerine a while before she would reply to Alex, she managed to stop her coughs and replied, "Oh, no, I am alright. A doctor cannot help me. This used to happen often to me so I am used to it."

Alex hugged Nerine close to his chest, relieved that she was all right.

"I'm glad that you're ok. I'd hate to think what would happen if you weren't well."

She couldn't help but blush, for she felt so warm with him and between his arms.

"So, um, since you have told me about yourself, I guess I should tell you about myself, too."

Alex nodded. "Yes, I'm curious to know about your past as well. I don't really know much about you, do I?"

Alex waited for Nerine to tell her story.
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Nerine's Past
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