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PostSubject: ~Dreamworld~   Tue Dec 02, 2008 5:20 am

I started this story on AM actually. I would be sharing it here too so that I could get used to Love's site very well.

Before anything else, many thanks to my sister for the ideas!


Deep in the lonely forest there lived Alon, a 16 year old ranger in the Alvian Empire. One day he was at work , he heard the cry of a bluebird and the fluttering of wings nearby. He wondered what was happening and went to see what the commotion was about. Under the shade of a bush he saw a bluebird's nest with five eggs in it. A python snake was poised to strike at the mother bluebird who was defending her nest. Alon picked up a stick and tried to scare the snake away, crying

"Go away! Get away from here!"

But the snake wouldn't even budge. So Alon struck it with his stick and killed it.

Some years after this event, he set out on a distant journey as appointed by the emperor of Alvian. Twilight found him walking along a lonely mountain path, the one fabled to be the gateway passage to the so called Dreamworld. Soon night fell and was completely dark. He was hungry, thirsty and tired. Suddenly, far ahead of him in the woods he saw a dim light. He walked toward this light and came to a large and beautiful house made of wood. He was surprised for he did not expect to find someone living deep in the forest. He knocks on the door and a girl, the same age as his came out.

"I am starving and thirsty. I have walked a long way today and have no place to stay in. I wonder if you would put me up for the night?"

The girl answered in a kind tone saying "I am alone in this house, but please do come in."

She welcomed Alon inside and spread out a grand feast for him. He felt very ill at ease. He cannot understand why a girl that young must be staying alone in the forest. He couldn't help wondering if he hadn't entered a ghosted mansion. But he was so hungry that he ate all the food and asked no questions. When he was full, he finally spoke with the girl.

There was a howl of a wolf.

"Why should such a young girl such as you are be living here alone?" Alon asked.

"I am waiting to take my revenge against my enemy." she answered.

"Your enemy? Where would he be?" he asked.

"He is right here. See, you are my nemesis!!" She opened a big mouth and laughed loudly. Alon was astounded and asked her why he must be the enemy. The girl reminded him of the time he had saved the mother bluebird and her nest and added: "I was the snake at that time. I have waited for four years to meet up with you and now I am going to take your life! Revenge is so sweet! I have dreamed of this for such a long time!"

Alon heard this and his heart sank and said "I have nothing against you at that time! I simply cannot bear to see things helpless hurt by someone strong such as you! But I did not mean to kill you! Please spare me!"

At first the girl kept laughing at him and won't listen to his pleas. But he kept on pleading, bended his knees with tears flowing down his face.

"All right then. I will give you one last chance. On the other side of the mountain, there is no one who ever lived there. There is also a ruin of a destroyed monastery. Inside the monastery hangs a gong. You must ring the gong without even budging from your current location! If you do, I will spare you!"

Alon heard and became much frightened. "How will I ring that gong while I am still here?! You are unfair! Please let me be free!"

"No way! No no no no and no! I have waited for you for so long. If you cannot do it, surrender. I shall eat you up."

Alon gave up his last hopes and realized that this is destined to him. Suddenly, the quiet night air was disturbed with a sound. It was the gong in the monastery!

The girl heard the gong and starts to gnash her teeth. "Noooo! You are protected by the prayers of your kind!"

Soon she disappears in an instant. Alon, whose life was saved, waited for sunrise. At dawn, he went to the ruins of the monastery. He saw the gong but there was blood on it. On the floor he saw the mother bluebird, dead with its head and wings destroyed. He then fell on the floor and wept for the bluebird. Then he stood up and saw something mysterious. He went outside and saw a gateway. On the rocks, there were carvings written in a language he cannot understand. He looked at the rocks and suddenly the skies became dark. The portal had a violet color and then it released energy towards Alon and it opened. Alon ventured inside the portal to see himself in a place unknown to him. He lost his conciousness.

After thirty minutes he regained his consciousness and found himself at the cliff of a strange place. He asked himself: "Where the hell am I?"

Chapter 1 - The Dreamworld?

Alon explores the place where he was. He was also finding his way home.

"Where am I!?"

He ventures down the forest and reaches a village. A peaceful village. He enters the village and walked straight to its village square. Suddenly different people talked about him.

"Whos that man over there?"

"I don't know. Never saw him in ages."

"I never even saw anyone go out to the forests today."

Then they all gathered around him, judging him by his clothes, his weapons and most of all, his face. Suddenly, the village chieftain arrived in the scene.

"Hmmm...looks like we have a visitor. What village did you come from? Or by the looks of you, what nation did you come from?"

Then he responds shyly. "I am from the Alvian Empire."

"Alvian Empire? I never heard of an empire like that. The only empire here in the Dreamworld is the Midelean Empire. your name?"

"My name? Its Alon. I am a ranger."

"Sounds familiar. Come with me to my house."

Alon follows the chief to his house. On the other hand, the villagers follow them and peeks at the open house window.

"Let us talk all about you. Who are you? Where again did you come from?"

"But you haven not even told me of who you are or where am I!"

"I am Meniros. And you are?"

"I am Alon. Again, I came from the Alvian Empire."

"I tell you, there is no empire or such with that name here in the Dreamworld! Wait...tell me. Are you of this world?"

Alon was surprised when he heard Meniros say he was in the Dreamworld. At once he points his knife at Meniros. Suddenly, Meniros raises his hand and Alon felt the knife shaking. Suddenly, a flash of light startles Alon and sees the knife was not on the floor.

"As I have expected, you are from the world of the humans!"

Alon trembles."What...what did you do to me?!"

Meniros walks and knelt on the floor "I used magic against you. You shouldn't have come here. You must die!"

The villagers looked at Meniros closely. One of them notices that he has completely black eyes.

"Look at chief's eyes!"

Alon looks at Meniros' eyes and he hears a voice in him.

"You are to die! Vitra lo sa va te imsa do les!"

"No! Stop it!!!"

Alon punches Meniros to the face hardly.

"You are trying to kill me with a spell! Now its my turn!"

"No wait! I feel you were the one spoken in the prophecy! Alon, please help our world against Saimanu! Please! I beg of you...."

"No way! I am not going to get myself in danger! I will not involve myself in this prophecy you people speak of!"

He barges out of the house and runs towards the cliff and shouts loudly to the skies.


Then Meniros arrives and speaks to Alon.

"It is your choice whether you want to go back to your home and leave us be or you save us all. But I warn you. If you leave us here, the Dreamworld faces doom and so your world will also be doomed to with Nightmares."

Meniros returns the knife to Alon. Alon looks at Meniros with a serious face.

"I, therefore, shall take your looks like I got no choice. I am doomed to a prophecy."

"Then you will need to train and find allies. I must also admit, you are weak to face Saimanu. To the north is the City of Yonsan. It is going to be a days journey to get there. By the way, I am sure you will be needing this map. You are in Sunoni Village. Take care in your journey."

Meniros gave Alon a horse and also a box. "Also, please give this present to the prince of Yonsan, will you? It is a protection against evil. As for the directions to where the city of Yonsan is, this horse will guide you along the way."

"Thank you, Meniros."

Alon took the horse and the box and left away fast with his horse at sunset.

Meanwhile at Yonsan Castle...

"Arghh! Whats happening to me? Why do I have these horns?!"

"Wahahahaha! You would be staying under my possession, young prince! You are mine!"

"Get out of my body you demon! Arghh!"

The prince looks at the mirror with an evil look...

"Its time for me to dominate this wretched city! Grahahahahahahaha!" be continued

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PostSubject: Re: ~Dreamworld~   Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:35 pm

very cool.i liked it.
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PostSubject: Re: ~Dreamworld~   Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:15 am

-__-' okay im waiting to the nxt. its a nice story but some of them are funny
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PostSubject: Re: ~Dreamworld~   

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