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 Welcome our Newest Featured Member for January 2009!

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Number of posts : 55176
Age : 39
Location : Somewhere in New Domino looking for the love of my life ^^
Title : Hoping to be Yusei's greatest love
Registration date : 2008-03-14

PostSubject: Welcome our Newest Featured Member for January 2009!   Thu Jan 01, 2009 4:50 am

It's a brand new year and time to get to know another member here. So let's clap out hands together and congratulate...ELIE, our newest featured member of the month! Recently, I had the chance to interview her and get to know her a little better. Wink

1. How did you first find your way to Snow Flower Games?

Love, our beloved admin introduced me to the place when she first started it.

2. How did you come up with your user name? Is there an interesting story behind it?

I wasn’t very creative when I first came up with this username, it was adapted from the manga/anime “Rave the Groove Adventure” a.k.a “Rave Master”. I had been using it for a long time because I like the name and ELIE is one of my favorite characters in the manga/anime series. There’s a story behind ELIE and the numbers 3173 in Rave. Before I continue, if
you haven’t noticed before…If you rotate ELIE or 3173 180 degrees to the left or right (or in other words, upside-down), you’ll get the other set. ELIE will be 3173 while 3173 will be ELIE. In Rave, the main female character who lost her memories and the only possible clue to her identity was the bright red symbols tattooed on her left arm. Thinking it was her name, she named herself “Elie”. Later it was revealed that the tattoo on her arm is a geographical code (ELIE-3173) for ELIE village where Elie’s home town was located.

3. What was the very first (or one of the first) post that you made (if you can remember, that is)?

Whoa…That’s quite sometime ago *sweat drops* Let’s see…my first post would be introducing myself to the others. (I don’t think I posted anything else other than the introduction)

4. Why do you like coming to SFG?

I love the people who are on SFG as everyone is very friendly and the place is welcoming.

5. What is your favorite part of the site? Like do you have a favorite area of the forum that you like to post or do you like uploading pictures in the gallery area, etc.?

I like the forum games section, the completed games section where new games are introduced and discussions are held, the writing section where stories and poems written by some of our very own members are posted.

6. On SFG, what do you usually do during your time here? For instance, do you like to post in the RPs, get to know members and talk about general topics, debate, etc.?

I like to post in the Forum games and join talks in talks in the general topics whenever I can. Just recently I started taking part in the RPs—I’m not so great at it just yet…Hehe…

7. What future additions would you like to see or do you think the site is perfect as it is? Wink

For now I think the site is just perfect as it is, but I would like to see more members joining the forum in the future. And maybe then we can have more events on the site. As the saying goes, “The more the merrier.” Wink

8. Since this is a gaming site, it's only natural to ask if you have some favorite games out there? If so, what are they and why do you like them?

I especially love RPGs and Time Management games. My top favorites are Aveyond: Rhen’s Quest, Aveyond II: Ean’s Quest, Sailormoon: Moon Child (a homemade game), Diner Dash and Wedding Dash series and *coughs* I got to admit I did like the Pokemon RPG series as well. Razz I’ve played Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Crystal and Ruby versions and Pokemon card (rpg version) ß Back then when the Pokemon fever started, my little cousin got me hooked when he used to bug me to play with him.

9. I see that you've joined a guild-Chaos Masters. I'm curious to know how you ended up choosing it as well as your guild title (if you have any).

I was torn between the available guild options and didn’t choose one until quite some time after I hit 500 posts. I chose the Chaos Masters as I had always like powers to control elements. The guild also reminded me of another one of my favorite character from Rave, Sieghart the elemental master, he’s so Kakkoi (cool)! “Kyaa…” *Fangirl scream* Anyway…*clears throat*, as for my title “Lady Xάος (Khaos)” it was kind of random as I couldn’t think of other names..Since I was the first member, I took the liberty of naming myself after the group with the title “Lady”. Xάος (Khaos) is the Ancient Greek word for “Chaos, simple enough.

10. Wrapping things up now. Is there any other information that we'd like to know about you, like hobbies, what you like to do for fun, etc.?

My hobbies includes reading manga, novels and stories, watching anime, drawing but I actually do more doodling than drawing (I have an unfinished art piece that I haven’t color from an online event on another forum), listening to music (mainly OST from anime, drama series, movies, J-pop…), posting on SFG and Amaranth Games, chatting with friends and last but definitely not least….playing games! I’m kind of “vampire-ish” as I don’t like the bright, hot sun so my activities are indoor-oriented. If you would like to know more, you’re most welcome to send me a PM. As busy as I maybe most of the time, I still welcome messages from friends Wink That’s it for now, take care all.

Well, that's it from ELIE. If you have any questions or comments for her, please feel free to post them here. Smile


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Number of posts : 2150
Age : 26
Location : My Room
Title : Angelus of the Gates
Registration date : 2008-08-24

PostSubject: Re: Welcome our Newest Featured Member for January 2009!   Thu Jan 01, 2009 6:03 am

Yayz!!! congrats Elie for becoming the member of the month.
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Welcome our Newest Featured Member for January 2009!
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