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 A Friend's Sacrifice [One Shot!]

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Age : 22
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Title : Dark Witch of Axorous
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PostSubject: A Friend's Sacrifice [One Shot!]   Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:27 pm

A/n: It's about a tragedy. But I think you'll like the ending~ *looks hopeful*

A Friend's Sacrifice

“Woohooo!” A girl with long black hair screamed as her best friend came off the ship docked at the harbor. This girl’s name was Cecilia and her best friend was Elizabeth, Beth for short. Cecilia jumped on Beth, crushing her with a massive hug.

“Yeah, yeah I missed you too.” Beth said smiling. The eighteen year olds were happy to see each other after five months.

“So, how was it? How many cyclones did you face? Did you see any people dressed in clothes made of leaves? Oh tell me!” Cecilia was brimming with excitement much opposed to her best friend.

“Calm down! I just got off. I haven’t even met mom and dad yet!” Beth said a little annoyed by Cecilia’s behavior. But then again, she should have known this would happen. Five months did absolutely nothing to change Cecilia Drobe’s behavior. Then from the corner of her eye, Beth saw the people she was looking for; her parents. Mr. & Mrs. James were glad to see their daughter happy and smiling. They too gave Beth a hug and asked her about her travels. Elizabeth James was proud to say that she and her crew made a successful trip around the world and she had now set the record for youngest captain alive. Everyone on her crew was elder to her, but they never made it seem so.

Elizabeth talked throughout the trip back home about her journey. She talked about how they were once almost caught in a whirlpool. She talked about the different people she met and then replied to the much eager Cecilia with a no, implying that she didn’t see any people in clothes made of leaves. Then came dinner and finally it was time to go to sleep. Cecilia had already decided she was going to sleep with Beth.

They both chatted about the good old times while Beth un-packed. Cecilia decided to help Beth and noticed a picture in one of Beth’s suitcases.

“Who is that?” Cecilia asked as she stared at the picture of a fourteen year old girl. The girl looked nothing like Beth’s elder sister, though she was smiling with an eleven year old Beth at her side. Beth looked at the picture and her gaze fell down. She smiled,

A painful smile.

“Do you want to know who gave me this?” Beth asked, holding her gold necklace which spelt

“I’m guessing it’s her.” Cecilia replied pointing towards the girl in the picture.

“Her name was Lily Quand. She was three years elder to me. But even though we had this age difference between us, we were the best of best friends. Until…”


“It was around the evening of July 14. Lily, me and four other girls were going to the mall by car. It was Lily’s fifteenth birthday and she was taking us to the mall as her treat. That picture… was from her fourteenth birthday and this necklace was a gift from her to me on my eleventh birthday.” Beth stopped. She felt as if she was re-living the events of that day. She tried her best to be happy and to not think about it since it happened six years ago. But she couldn’t. It was almost impossible, not to think of ‘it’.


“While we were going and on the road, there was… some-some drunk driver going crazy and-and-and he-he…” She stopped again. No, it was still as painful as it was before because…If it wasn’t for Beth, Lily would be alive. Beth couldn’t take it anymore. She broke down crying before she could even tell Cecilia why. Cecilia knew her for five years now. But…this was the first time she ever heard of that name. Lily Quand. But what happened?

“Whoa! Beth stop crying! I’ve never seen you like this before! Look, just calm down. If you don’t wanna talk then it’s ok.”

Beth looked up and wiped away her tears. She took a deep breath before starting to tell the things that happened. She wanted; she really wanted to tell her about the accident. And her voice just started talking on its own.

“That driver…he was about to crash right into our car. And everyone except me and Lily escaped. As in they just rolled out of the car and onto the road. Thankfully the traffic wasn’t heavy that day. But, I…I was stuck. I couldn’t remove my seat belt and I really; really thought I was going to die. I closed my eyes and…when I opened them again I was shocked to find Lily on top of me, smeared in blood. She…”

Beth closed her eyes and for a minute just stopped talking.

“She died saving…me.”


‘If it wasn’t for me, she would be still alive.’ The thought refused to leave her head. Memories about Lily filled her head. Lily Quand, her best friend. A friend who swore she’d always look out for Beth. Her reason was always the same thing-‘That’s what best friends do!’ Beth opened her eyes.

“She was a friend Cecilia, a friend who swore she’d always look out for me. Her reason was always the same thing-‘That’s what best friends do!’… And I couldn’t stay conscious for very long. I saw her dead, motion less body. It was on top of me. I passed out…and woke up in the hospital three days later. I remembered everything. And I knew she was dead. I insisted on going to her funeral. Even though the doctors thought it wasn’t going to do me any good.”

“Beth…I had no idea…” Cecilia replied.

“I’ve never told anyone about it. Apart from my parents nobody here knows about it. But now…”

She took a long, deep breath. It felt like something had been taken of her chest, something heavy. She was relieved to tell her best friend about this “incident”. But the same thought kept going on in her head- ‘If it wasn’t for me, she would be still alive.’ She broke down crying and sobbing hard. Cecilia gave her a hug and said:

“She wants you to be happy Beth, not sad. Just like me. And trust me she’s up there watching you right now. So you better straighten up yourself and go to sleep!”

“…” Beth smiled,

“You…are awesome.” She said giving her best friend a hug for cheering her up.

“I know, Now let’s get some sleep, shall we?”

The two girls finally drifted off to dream land. And even though they didn’t know it, she really was up there, watching and smiling.

The End

A/n: I might just re-write it a little bit cause I think it's missing something, I'm not sure what though. And yeah, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes are all welcomed. Oh comments are loved! Very Happy

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Title : Hoping to be Yusei's greatest love
Registration date : 2008-03-14

PostSubject: Re: A Friend's Sacrifice [One Shot!]   Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:29 am

This was a beautiful story, Sana. I can see the potential for a prequel if you ever want to write one. Lily seems like a great person and I know how it's like to mourn a friend passing away like that.

The ending was beautiful and very hopeful. I'd love to read more of your stories. ^^


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Number of posts : 521
Location : The most isolated place in Northeastern Asia
Title : The Recluse
Registration date : 2009-01-27

PostSubject: Re: A Friend's Sacrifice [One Shot!]   Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:33 am

Sana... Is this from the beginning you gonna post or just a continue from old site?

And is this story related to the another older story named Tragedy?
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Number of posts : 15
Age : 22
Location : Saudi Arabia
Title : Dark Witch of Axorous
Registration date : 2010-11-23

PostSubject: Re: A Friend's Sacrifice [One Shot!]   Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:43 am

@Phoenix: Thank you! I never thought of writing a prequel but yeah, maybe I will! As for other stories, I might post some later! Thanks again!
@Mika: Nah, this has nothing to do with Tragedy. I wanna re-write some parts before I post the whole thing here. This is just a One-shot bro!
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PostSubject: Re: A Friend's Sacrifice [One Shot!]   

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A Friend's Sacrifice [One Shot!]
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