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 The Adventures of Love

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Miss Nile

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Love   Tue Aug 12, 2008 5:18 am

Might consider, since I really don't like how sad is it. Crying or Very sad
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Miss Nile

Number of posts : 53544
Age : 22
Location : Egypt
Title : Miss of The Grand Nile
Registration date : 2008-02-29

PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Love   Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:12 am

Happy Ending is here!


Chapter 13: The End of it V2

was eyes- widened; shocked to see that Love has joined Yubel and became under
her control so easily. But none of them was heart broken and shocked as Jesse

"L-Love what are you doing?!" He
asked in shock as Love grinned. "Just joined back my sister. Enough small
talk, let's duel!"

'What should I do now…? I can't duel her…' Jesse thought as he looked down, Jaden
realized this and became concerned.

"Jesse! We have to duel her! It's the only
way!" Jaden shouted. "If we want to save Love, we have to duel

Jesse hesitated; he wasn't sure if this could
work. "But…" He said but before he continues anything, Alexis shouted
in his ears. "She loves you, Jesse! Will you abdomen her now?!"

The words entered his heart like a knife, she
loves him.
And Alexis was right, he couldn't let Yubel win, no matter what.

"Fine, Love! Bring it on!" Jesse
smiled and activated his duel disk as Jaden did the same. "Let's

Love grinned an evil grin. "So, you
finally decided to duel me. A wise choice, prepare for the last duel in your
life! I'll begin!" She said and drew her first card. She looked at it and
grinned. "Hah, what a beginning. I summon Cyber Harpie Lady in Attack
Mode!" She put the card on the disk and Harpie Lady came out. However, her
eyes were red and her skin was darkened.

"What- What happened to her? She looks
different somehow." Jesse asked as soon as he saw the "new"
Harpie Lady.

"Simple, she has felt the new power of
darkness! Anyway, let's continue, shall we? I'll activate now Elegant Egotist!
When I activate this card, I can eventually summon my beautiful Harpie Lady
Sisters!" She said and soon two more Harpie Ladies appeared. They had the
same shape as the first one, with red eyes and darkened skin.

"How do you like it?" Love said and
put two cards in the spell and trap zone. "Two face - down cards will end
my turn."

"Not bad!" Jaden said as he drew his
first card. "But not good enough! Try to stop this, Elemental Hero Clayman
in defense mode!" Jaden said and Clayman came out in defense mode.
"Now I'll put two face down cards and I'll end my turn!"

"Alright, Love! I won't go easy on
ya!" Jesse said and drew. "I summon my Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat in Attack Mode! Go Caty! Attack her
directly using your special ability!" The Cat meowed and jumped over the
Harpie Ladies to attack Love directly.

"Nice try, but I activate this! Mirror
Wall!" Love said and a mirror blocked Amethyst Cat Attack for a while,
although it did continue afterward, Love only lost 300 points.

Love – 3700 Jesse – 4000 Jaden – 4000

"You will pay for that!" Love said as
she put her hand on the place where her heart is, just then she felt pain
through her body and fell on her knees. "Ugh, what was that?!" Love
shouted in pain as flashbacks went through her mind.

She saw herself when she and Alexis met Jesse
in the café, when she and Jesse sat on that hill and she confessed to Jesse her


Jesse became concerned for Love, despite the
fact she was being controlled by Yubel. "Love…are you alright?" He
asked stepping forward.

Love grinned evilly and slowly stood up.
"Hah, you think such a small attack can affect me? Think again!" She
said and drew another card. "Because of the effect of Mirror Wall, I will
have to pay 2000 points or the card will be destroyed. So I'll pay 2000 only
this time to ensure my safeness."

Love – 1700 Jesse – 4000 Jaden – 4000

"Now I'll summon Cyber Tutu! This lovely
can attack one of you directly, and I choose you, Jaden!" Love said and
then activated one of her face down cards. "But since Tutu only attacks if
your monsters are stronger than her, then I'll activate Reinforcements to
strength Clayman! Now Tutu, attack Jaden directly!" Love shouted and Tutu
jumped up to attack Jaden.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, Love! But
I'll activate this, Clayman Charge! When Clayman is being selected as an attack
target, I can activate this to destroy your monster and Clayman and inflect 800
damage to your life points!" Jaden shouted as both Tutu and Clayman were

Love – 900 Jesse – 4000 Jaden – 4000

'Ugh…why is this girl not doing anything!? I
thought she is stronger than that!'

Love fell to the ground, all burned up. She
slowly opened her eyes innocently. "Jesse…? Jaden…?" She said as she
slowly got up. "What…? Why are we dueling?"

Jesse's face had a smile of joy on his face as
he saw that Love was back to her mind. He quickly ran to her as the duel
monsters disappeared and caught her before she falls.

"Are you alright?" Jesse asked as he
held Love in his arms. "Yeah, I am fine. Thanks…and sorry for causing such

"Don't worry about it; I am just glad
you're fine." Jesse smiled at Love a smile of joy and happiness. But Yubel
wouldn't to be beaten so easily.

"You…! You will pay for that!" Yubel
said and fired a fireball towards Jesse and Love when suddenly Skate Blade came
out and blocked the attack while Jesse hugged to protect her from the

"I am sorry, Yubel! But you have caused
much trouble already!" Alexis who summoned Skate Blade said with her disk
activated in her hand.

"That's right! Now go Neos!" Jaden
said as he summoned Neos to the field and ordered him to attack.

Neos and Yubel fought for a while but Neos did
away with her after some moments.

'Why…?! Why did you do that to me, sister?! You
will pay…! You WILL pay!'

Silence took over the place for a while, when
Jesse finally spoke up and broke the silence.

"Um, Love…I wanted to tell you
something." He said scratching the back of his head. Love smiled. "I
know what is it, you are going to tell me that I shouldn't worry, right?"

"No, that's not it…" Jesse said and
blushed turning away. "I…I love you."

Love backed out blushing just like Jesse did
when she told him that she loves him. "You what?! But…but I thought…" Love couldn't
continue; she was too shocked.

"Yes, I do love you. And it took me all
this time to realize it. I fell in love with you since I saw you for the first
time but I never realized it. Only now I knew it, and I suppose I should thank
Yubel for this." Jesse said and turned around only to catch Love who threw
herself on him to hug him.

Then, she looked at him and he looked at her,
and it was the same moment when they approached each other's faces and gave
each other a sweet gentle, lovely kiss on the lips.

The others only watched in silence, happy that
this was done already and the couple was happy with each other.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Love   Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:43 am

Awww, that's so sweet. And yays for happy endings. Very Happy


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Miss Nile

Number of posts : 53544
Age : 22
Location : Egypt
Title : Miss of The Grand Nile
Registration date : 2008-02-29

PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Love   Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:45 am

Glad you are happy now. Very Happy I was kinda disgusted when I was writing the last part though. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Love   

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The Adventures of Love
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