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 Wizards of Waverly Place meets Darkthrop Prophecy

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PostSubject: Wizards of Waverly Place meets Darkthrop Prophecy   Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:16 pm

Well you thought you knew the story well WRONG! Here I have an eyewitness of what happened. Prepare to laugh!

I saw Alex exposing wizardry to Stella's pary, Mel, Yemite, Galahad, and the evil people. Good greif I had to see her wear the creepy scary pankcake mask!

Tell us what happened.

Chapter 1: Meeting Alex the Trouble Maker

I was taking a walk when Stella's party heard Alex flash in really loudly ,and said the most ridiculous words "Give me maple syrup"!
Edward yelled at the evil genius Alex (she is choses not to listen in school same with wizard school tought by her dad who is over weight named Jerry Russo). Alex said "Trans fix trans poss make the rock look like gum from head to toes". And boom the rock blocking the way was turned into gum. Te'jial got curious what it was and tasted it and Gahalad yelled "NO! THAT WAS ON THE FLOOR! DON'T EAT IT"!
Man I was laugh in a bag because I didn't want to be caught spying. Te'jial did eat it anyways and it tasted nasty! She yelled "THAT WAS GROSS! YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT"! Of cousre she for got she was human and bit Alex and Te"jial was turned into a pile of dirt because Alex had set up a decoi just for that. Of cousre she did her famous laugh and grabbed her pies and skates and skating around slapping people with the pies including Edward who knocked her off her skates will Stella Healed Te'jial from the spell Alex did. And the pies went flying! One landed on Gahalad another on Te'jial, and the final one on me. Every one who was hit except me dragged Alex to Aveyond to see who was Alex. The Oracle said she was from another demention that was way more advanced than Aia. Of couse Alex scared the Oracle with A pancake mask she just put back on.

Chapter 2: Outbreak of the Smarty Pants

Well Alex was starting to think she can out smart The Oracle with the Magical Smarty Pants! She completly forgot the side effects if she wore to long (boney legs and bubbly belly). Poor Alex just put them one in front of everyone and out smarted everyone and learned which spell to use to create an army of nasty chewed bubble gum monsters! Te'jial got curios again and ate one and pucked in a vase. Poor Te'jial. The Oracle declared Alex a very dangrous hazard. Anyone who is dumb enough would eat one of her tricks may be endangered. An Te'jial was so nervous she peed herself. Well eveyone just looked at her and the stains on the carpet and Gahalad just looked shocked and embaressed to see what Te'jial has just done.

Chapter 3: The Demon Realm

Alex was getting the boot for making Te'jial pee and puck. So Alex flashed herself to someothere place and ended up in The Demon Realm. She looked around and said, "This is my kind of place. I wonder if there are any fun things around here."
She came across The Demon Realm city of Sheian Lyr. Alex desided to look around and came across the Red and White Queen who kept saying, "I don't want to share this city with my sister!" Alex desided to turn The White Queen to sand for the Red Queen and said, "Problem solved." Mel was walking by scared and with her future daughters who she never knew where. They were named Uma and Nox of course with the family servent Yemite following them around asking if she can eat cursed items.
When Yemite smelled the evil in Alex she thought it was yet antoher cursed item and asked Mel, "Can I eat the cursed item I smell?" And since this was the thousandth time she ask Mel said yes as long it weren't a person. When Yemite saw it was Alex she said, "Have you seen a cursed item? I'm trying to find it so I can eat it." Alex just looked like what on earth is the cursed object she wants to eat? When Yemite relized Alex is what she smelled she started barking and howling like nuts. Mel went like, "Whats your problem Yemite?!" Uma said, "It appers that girl in front of her is the problem. I sence evil in her. Maybe Yemite was hoping she was a cursed item." Alex said, "Excuse me? I'm not a cursed item! I'm a wizard!" And Alex closed her mouth shut hoping Professer Crumbs hasn't heard. But Yemite desided to use her Destroy on Alex and relized he hasn't because they could use magic too. Yemite said, "I wish you were a cursed object..."
Alex created some cursed gum and placed it on the ground and Yemite ate it and loved it! And Yemite said, "Yummy!"

Chapter 4: Off to Shadow Aveyond

Alex did not want to go back to Aveyond because The Oracle already gave her the boot. She didn't realize there was a Shadow Orcale and Aveyond. When they got there Alex sensed a lie because no one could out lie the Queen of Liars (refering to Alex). Meanwhile, Justin and Max are looking for Alex. Poor Max was looking in his moldy emergancy hamburger for her! Yuck! Justing searched his Captin Jim Surewood cow veicals (there cow painted). When their parnets came home they looked angry because they let poor grounded Alex escape to some other place. So justin said ,"Is there something I should know, drainium drainum". And there he saw her in the world of Aia. He said ,"Where on earth are you Alex?! I don't know that place ,but your coming home right now! Come on Max... Max? Ewwwwww! Stop eatting your emergancy hamburger!" What? It's yummy!", Max said. Justin forceed that discusting thing out of his mouth.
"Remind me to throw out all of his emergancy hamburgers", Justin said. Alex on the other hand was starting to get suspitious of The Shadow Oracle. Why? The Shadow Oracle acted like she never booted her, didn't nickname her a disaster waiting to happen, or Queen of Liars. Alex said ,"Why aren't you booting me?! Earlier you booted me and caused to make that strange red head pee!" Mel said ,"Wait! You made Te'jial pee?!"
Alex said ,"Thanks now I know her name!"
Due to all of this The Shadow Oracle had no choice to tell her that she was an evil reflection of the real Oracle. This shock everyone except Alex who was really hard to fool and cause The Shadow Oracle to call her Lie Detector.

Chapter 5: Off to Rescue Alex and get her Grounded Again

Justin and Max were getting their cow space suits on so they would survive ,because they thought the air was toxic. They flased themselves to Alex and she said ,"Whats wrong with you two? We aren't in outerspace fools!" Mel said ,"You know these two?" Alex said ,"Of course because these are my brothers. Unfotruntly I'm the middle kid. Wait! MAX! GET YOUR MOLDY EMERGANCY BURGER OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! YUCK!" Soon Mel, Uma, and Nox wheree pucking while Yemite was begging that she could have it. That just made things worse. Uma said ,"Let me gues your brother is more of a mess than Nox is?" Alex said ,"Yes. He is and idiot. He thinks he was the one who invented paper when he didn't!" Max said ,"But I did! Plus I invented my emergancy hamburger." Max waves it around until all of Sheian Lyr was pucking. Alex desided to tare off the cow suits and Justin said ,"Now we can't... breath??? The air is stable! But don't do that again Alex!" Alex said ,"Should I flash Harper here?" So Alexx flashed her in while Her brothers where saying no don't do it. "Where am I?Why is this place is so dark? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" ,said Harper. Mel relized their step sister is more of a crazy dresser because she wore her fish bowl dress.

Chapter 6: The Search for the Staff of Destiny

Alex, Justin, Max and Harper where listening to Mel how to get home. Mel said, "This is why we need The Staff of Destiny". Alex said ,"Can't we flash home?" Mel looked confused because she didn't know what flash home meant. Justin explained what she meant and shock her head and said ,"Unfoutunatly this is the Demon Releam. It looks like any of your guy's transporting spells are useless to escape." Alex said ,"Dang it! I smell a trap on this so called staff. It seems like it is darkness and a dark person can maintan it's power. We need to find the darkest of all in our group." Harper, Justin, an Max stepped away scared and afriad to admit they were not dark enough. Mel never wanted to be here said she couldn't risk being tainted. Nox stepped forward with Yemite while Uma went invisable. Mel said ,"Okay we have 3 people who seem dark now let see who's the darkest by seeing who can defeat Alex's so called leftover gum monsters." Nox went first and see if she could poison them ,but failed. She tried taunting, pulling a prank or 2, burning them up, but no avial. Yemite tried by howling, destroying, and of course eating them. Still no use. Alex said ,"Transfix transpose make these monster look like moths including the clothes." Boom the monsters turned into moths! She squished them and proved she was the darkest along with puting on her skates with Haper going around throwing pies and giving cake that had a raw fish in the center. Mel siad ,"Ewww! Thats nasty! *pucks*" "Ha ha ha!" Alex laughed. Justin desided to make Alex a beaver. Alex yelled ,"WHY AM I A BEAVER! JUSTIN!"
"Oh no *runs*", Justin said.

Chapter 7: Meet Mordred. Uh oh.

Well Max desided to go to profeser Crumbs to report what Alex did but said he could do nothing because Alex was in a universe where everyone knows magic exsits but to get alex out of the Demon Releam you need someone who can flex time a little without causing a black hole. This is where I get involved I confront him and say I can flex time With out breaking it. "Good enough. Please bring that slaking Russo home before she is trapped there.", Profeser Cumbs said. So me and Max teleported to the Demon Releam and we told them we needed to get you out. Thats when I opened a time alternating portal to prevent tainting. We got Yemite, the Russos, and Mel with her future kids out. When we got out Gyendal was suprised to see me able to do that. I said, "You failed big time loser. You tought you could taint them but you failed. I manged to create a time alternating portal to stop that. So end of the line." When he saw Harper he went like, "Why are you you wearing a fish on your head? Are you feeding it?" Harper said, "It's my Fish feeding hat. It is a portable pet." I slammed my hand on her mouth so she wouldn't mention where the Russos and I where from but I faid and that was it. We are doomed. Mel was like all confused full of questions and I had to confes I was spying and got blasted. At least I put my time shield on. They where mesmorized when they saw time in my shield. Of course Max said, "When you're tired of the same story, turn some pages, trash can." And boom Max was sick again and kept shapeshifting from himself into a trash can uncontrolbly. Good greif they went like what did he do? Alex said, "He used an infected spell. Now I hae to find some snot from a beast and some cinnimon." Mel and everyone puck except for me and the Russos. Good grief I'm glad they where out of there. Yes I was questioned and we restored Max to his normal form. I desided to turn Gyendal into a toilet for a lesson not to mess with me or anyone. When Morderd appered to find Alex who was being sneaking by puting on her pankcake mask and saying "I need mayple syrup" which cause to run around screaming with laughter coming from the minions. Morderd says, "SHUT UP YOU DUMB BELLS!"

Chapter 8: The Final Battle

This was it, the final battle with Mordred. I spun myself so fast I made 5 torndaos slam ito him. Max ate his moldy hamberber infront of him. "EWWWWWWWWW",everyone said. Mordered destroyed the disgusting thing. "This that copy cat", Alex said and made Max her copy cat. Mel used Fury, Alex and max coping her went on skates and slinged cakes with raw fish in the middle at him. One minion cried, "GIVE ME SOME!" Alex slinged one at him and Mordred slapped him, "YOU IDIOT!"Alex undid the Copy cat spell and Max said, "I thought I was the idiot." "You are Max!", yelled Alex. Eveyone stared at Alex in shock, she called Max an idiot. I desided it was time to bring out the big guns. The hurricanes. I summoned Hurricans Katrina, Mitch, Ike, Gustav, Rita, Hugo, and The Galveston Hurricane on Mordred. He drowned in those disasters. He said, What on earth *cough* were thse *cough* things?" "Hurricanes, I said, "The most deadliest storms of all time. I summoned the worst.

Chapter 9: A Surprising Turn

After the summons of those storms Justin said, " 'Gothru Mothru' ". He ran through the Dispels to the portal to find away to close it. He said, "Boy I never worked with such portals. Hmmmmm... 'Threemetris Movetris'!" He moved the portal away from the area so he could look for a book in the libray where Mel was held. "Ah Ha! 'Garibay Immobilitay'!" The portal couldn't handle that kind of power so it collapsed in on itself. "You did it Justin!", said Alex. "I don't get it." ,Mel said, "The portal collapsed when he used that chant." "It's not a chant! It's a spell! Wizards from we are from have different uses of spells and how to activate them." ,Justin said. "Now what are we going to do about that?" Max said while pointing a Mordred. "Let me take care of this..." I said. I flew up and knew what could defeat him and hold Mordred long enough for them to use the vaporize spell. I started to create a copy for what I was about to do was extremely dangerous. Something no one should ever attempt. I commanded the copy to squeeze a ball of light til' it exploded. Te copy did that and I said, "Stand back! This going to extremely devastating." After 5 minutes the copy was starting to grow weak and got vaporized by what was created. A Pulsar. Everyone was scared of it. "A Pulsar! What where you even thinking?!" ,Justin said. "Relax... Mines don't last long. Besides I put up a shield to prevent radiation...", I said,"Get ready to do the Vaporize spell..." "'Here these three Russos cry, let Mordred be vaporized!'", all three Russos said. In an instant Mordred was vaporized. Gyendal got a little sneaky and escaped and was surprised by the Pulsar that was about to disapate. "What on earth is that flashing thing? I want to touch it! Maybe it will help me rule the world!" He went running towrds it and I shouted ,"You ditz! You will die if you come in contact with that Pulsar!" He ignored me and touched it. In an instant he was destroyed by the Pulsar. "That's why you don't come in contact with them... They destroy life... They are basically dead stars, spinning neutron stars.", I said shaking my head.

Chapter 10: Dealing with Lydia and the Tyrant's surprise

On are way back to Thais we encountered Lydia. Boy she was mad with steam pumping out of her ears. I frowned and that steam head. Alex said,"Who are you and where did you learn that spell? I want to cast it on my dad so when he gets angry I will notice it!" Alex the broke into laughter. Lydia was not happy with her joke and blasted her. "Ugh! Commoners these days!", Lydia said. "Excuse me?! Did you call me commoner? You know I could turn you into a trash can right now or I can get Max to... Disgusting! Max! Get that Emergency Hamburger out of your mouth! That thing is moldy and you know better not to eat such things!", Alex yelled. Lydia barfed at what Max just did. "Disgusting! Just uncouth! Fowl! Ugh!",Lydia shrieked. "What? It's delicious! Wana try it?", Max asked. Everyone counting me shacked our heads in disagreement. "Fine, I guess I will eat it myself.",max said while shoving that nasty looking thing in his mouth. "'Edgebono Utoosis!'",Max says and copies his Emergency Hamburger. "Seriously?! Max please don't! And he did...", Justin says. "Woah! I didn't know you guys could do that. Any others you like showing me?" ,Lydia says with a smirking grin. "'Levitatus Lediatus!'", Alex says and starts to fly. "'Soap on a rope, soap fell off a rope, rope shot out of my hand, rope tie up that lady!'", Max says and ties up Lydia. Mel, Nox, and Alex laugh at Lydia trying to get out of the ropes. Lydia starts shouting and Max honestly doesn't know whats going on. Everyone points at tied up Lydia. "I think this may help. 'When you're tired of the same story, turn some pages, trash can.'", Max says while pointing his wand at Lydia. And Lydia starts uncontrollably shape shifting between normal self and a trash can. "HEY! Will somebody undo this?!", Lydia says. Mel, Nox, and Alex step back and laugh at Lydia. "Hang on. I will flash in some Undo Dust.", Justin says, "Here." Justin sprinkles some over Lydia and she becomes her regular self with all of the spells used on her undo. "Thank you. And you three are going to be locked away.", Lydia said. Alex flashes back home. "Where did that rat go?", Lydia said annoyed. "She flashed home. She is so grounded when she get there. Unless... Did you mention a throne?" ,Justin said. "Uhh. Yes?", Lydia says. "This can't be good. Alex my sister is extremely devious. She is called by a lot of people the Queen of Liars because she is really good at lying." Justin said worrying,"If she takes control she would do something really bad." "Lets go stop that little tyrant.", Te'jial says who is now a vampire again who is eager to taste Alex without turning into a pile of dirt again. When they get there she isn't there. "That's funny. Is there anyway to find her?", Mel says. "Yes.", Justin says, "I brought a mirror that I can use a spell on to show where she is or I could use the mini Abracadoodler I brought. 'Please please, tell me now, is there something I should know, Duranium, Duranius'" There he sees the most unsuspecting sight he ever wants to see in a trillion years (wizards are immortal). "Good grief Alex! Not again!", Justin says disappointingly, "ALEX CROSSED THE LINE AGAIN! UGH! *starts doing what his dad does when he is upset at Alex*" "Are those unicorns, horses, and pegasi?", Max says. "Yes! It looks like we have to get her again! Nice meeting you guys. We need to chase Alex down again.", Justin says while flashing him and Max to Equestria.

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Number of posts : 7
Age : 20
Location : Ponyville
Title : Charmgirl
Registration date : 2012-03-09

PostSubject: Wizards of waverly Place Meet My Little Pony (A Really Stupid Parody)   Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:42 pm

(This is continuation of the above but in a new area)

Chapter 11: A Wrong Turn ends up in Equestria

Alex still furious with her brothers for trying to drag her to her dad for a punishment, decides to go and amuse herself with something. "Ugh! Why did I end up in this dump?" ,Alex groans, "Why did I get chased? I just didn't want to get in trouble! Can't anybody accept that!?" In the distance Pinkie Pie was trying to figure out how to make the world's biggest ice cream sunday. "Hmmm. It needs more sprinkles! No wait! More taffy! No less taffy! A chocolate fountain of goodness!", Pinkie says obsessing over her ice cream, "Hmmm... More chocolate! More vanilla! More Strawberry!" Alex hears that in the distance. "I guess somebody wants a really funny treat. Better go check it out.", Alex says while flashing in. "Eppp!", Fluttershy shrieks while hiding in a basket after accidently flashing in to her cottage. "Good grief! Why do I flash into the most unthinkable areas?", Alex says while flashing out. "Is every thing alright?", asks Pinkie. "I thought I saw something came out of no where and was grunting in anger...", says Fluttershy. "Don't be silly! Nothing is ever angry in here. Well except for Angel Bunny who seems to be throwing a fit over something.", says Pinkie. Angel acts out what Alex was doing. "I am not sure what that means but at least what ever it is is gone.", says Fluttershy. A few miles away at Pinkie's giant ice cream... "Good grief! This is what the fuss was about? An ice cream!", Alex is yelling in disbelief. "Hey! Get way from that ice cream! Your going to ruin Pinkie's record! And who are you by the way? Better one what are you?!", Rainbow Dash snaps at Alex. "Seriously? *laughs* You don't scare me! 'Levitatus Lediatus!'", Alex says and start to get near Rainbow. "What did you just do? What is that in your hand?", Rainbow says and starts to get a little skeptical. "Don't you have Wizards here? *slaps mouth shut*", Alex says on accident. "What are those! Sounds like an old mare's tale!" , rainbow remarks. "Ha ha very funny! 'Gothru Mothru!'" Alex says and goes through Rainbow Dash. "Hey get back here! You can't just do that what ever you are!", Rainbow yells, "Better go see if Twilight knows what that is." Back in Aia... "Alex good grief! You nearly exposed wizardry again! MAX! Stop eating that thing! It's nasty!", Justin snaps at Max, We better be going." Justin and Max flash to Equestria to get Alex back. "Well this seems like the place. But she ran of again. 'Please please, tell me now, is there something I should know, Duranium, Duranius!' Oh Alex! you are thankful still here but playing pranks again?! Lets flash to her.", Justin says, "Alex! Get back here now!"
"No!", Alex yells. At Twilight's library... "You said she had 2 legs and 2 arms, no tail, oval head with a mane, no coat, cloths on, a stick in her claw, and sounded sassy and rude.", twilight says. "Not only that she said things that made no sense like Levitatus Lediatus and Gothru Mothru. I don't get it! Once she said them she flew up and the other she passed through me!", Rainbow says. "Hmmm. I don't find anything in the books of species that fits her category. Where her claws rounded or sharp?", Twilight says. "Rounded at edges.", Rainbow says. "Still nothing. Let me see if any other books have any thing. "This book even though it's fictional has something that fits. They are called humans. Did she say anything that sounded weird cause it mentions nothing like what she said." , asked Twilight. "She did say if we had Wizards but I don't get it. I never seen one.", says Rainbow. "Hmm. Ah ha! Here it is. Those things that she said made things like flying happen are called spells. Interesting cause when I do them I say nothing to do them. It says they use magic as well but are the immortal form of humans. Means they live forever. Some of them abuse their powers for selfish reasons like erasing history, escaping punishment, and etc. And those sticks are called wands. Wands are used to channel magic like how unicorn horns work. And they have hands not claws.", Twilight says. Alex flashes in on accident again. "Stupid wand! I wish there was a wand station here somewhere. Why am in a library? I hate them!", Alex groans. "Wow! I thought the where a mare's tail. And you got the description right.", says Twilight. "Hey! Let go of me!" ,Alex yells. " 'Murrieta Animata!' ", Alex says while pointing her wand at the nearest book to. "Dang it! Your suppose to get me out of this! Not tap dance! 'Garibay Immobilitay!' ",Alex says and inanimateness the book. Rainbow laughs. "It looks like one back fired Twilight!", Rainbow remarks. "Yea laugh all you want! 'Alex and Twilight Cambia Coporum, Meum Corpora, Sua Nominavi!' ", Alex says and Twilight and Alex switch bodies. "What happened? Why am I so tall? Where are my hooves? Whats this touching my leg? What did you do!?", Twilight yells inside Alex's body. "I'm free! Ha ha ha ha! *sticks out tongue*", Alex says in Twilight's Body. "You better undo this!", Twilight says. "What is all the ruckus!? Your coming home Alex!", says Justin. "Wait I am not her I'm Twilight Sparkle! Alex is inside my body!", yells Twilight. "Yea I saw the whole thing. She said Alex and Twilight Cambia Coporum, Meum Corpora, Sua Nominavi! And this happened." ,Rainbow says. "Great! The body switching spell! The last time you used that You made Harper loss her brain when you tried fix it! I warned you before! It has many glitches! Undo it now!", Justin yells. "Okay! 'Alex and Twilight Cambia Coporum, Meum Corpora, Sua Nominavi'", Alex says and they go back to original bodies. "At least this time it didn't glitch up.

Chapter 12: Chaos

By this time they had entered the sculpture garden looking for the wands Rainbow decided to hide earlier. "Where could have that stupid thing hid them?!" ,Alex groans. "Hey check this out!", Max says pointing at a very funny looking one, "I wonder what this is... Is it a super-sized Emergency Hamburger?" "Max! It is not a moldy hamburger!", Justin yells, "Please remind me later to throw those things away. They are really nasty. Juliet threw up last time when she saw Max eat one!" "Well at least it's not dog...", Alex says but Justin covers her mouth. "Please don't say that disgusting word Alex!", Justin says. "You mean poop?", Max says. "MAX! I thought I said no!", Justin yells. As they where fussing over Max and his 'nasty habits' something odd was happening...again. The statue was cracking once again. "Wait! Did you hear that?", Justin says, "It sounds like something is breaking... Look around. Hope it isn't a statue." "Um guys... This one is...", Alex says trembling. "Oh no! This is very bad! What could have caused it? We never... Oh dear! Our arguing is causing this! RUN!", Justin says. Meanwhile while challenging Rainbow to a race we both ran into cotton candy, which I hate. "Bleh! Disgusting! I hate the taste of cotton candy!", I said. As before the chocolate rain, weird transformations, exploding popcorn, uncontrolled animal growths, etc. "Uh oh. Not again! He has been re-unleashed.", Rainbow says. "Quick where did you hide their wands?", I said. "In a book where Alex didn't even bother to look.", Rainbow said. I teleported to them with their wands and said ,"Hurry stop this!" They try to stop it but didn't go so well. Max was eating 'it' again, Alex texting, and Justin pondering. "Guys focus!", I said. They tried but failed due to something blocking their powers. "Why isn't it working?", Alex said. "Him again.", I said, "What ever you do don't touch him, don't let him touch you, don't cave in lies, don't look into his eyes, and any other temptations he may bring with this chaos." ,I said. I went head on with my copy ready to make the pulsar when smack. I was hit by a pie. "Is this asparagus pie?! Ewwwwwww!!!", I said covered in it. By this time Alex decided to flash in Mason. Bad idea if you ask me. "Alex! Why did you bring me here?!", Mason asked. "Something bad is happening but I don't know what.", Alex said, "It can't be Gorog because he is long gone." An evil laugh that sounded nuts was coming from the half broken statue.

Chapter 13: A Turn in Luck Turns Sour

While Twilight knew he returned, she wanted to be ahead and warned the princess. She gave her the Elements of Harmony to hide away where no pony would think to look... The Everfree Forest... Alex was explaining the events that happened so far to Mason who by this time was bum scotching in public. "Mason!", Alex said, "Enough, you don't want a bad reputation especially if you hang around hydrants". Max was of course was thinking of a spell that could make his Emergency Hamburger grow. "Levitatus Liquidatus!", Max says. He realized he did the wrong spell because grease was levitating out of it! Gross! Everyone started looking sick... I came out and decided to burn it into ashes. "Hey! What was that for!?" ,Max yelled. "That was just too nasty to see. You shouldn't really do it here.", I said. The statue broke even more. Laughter filled the air and chocolate milk started to fall. "What the? What on earth is going on?" , I said while conjuring my Space-time Continuum Shield, "Really? How could this ever happen?!" I decided to do something dangerous... far more dangerous than a simple pulsar... bringing out, the Fury form. I took off my Anti-Fury Ring and set it in my pouch and transformed into a terrifying fury. A fury made of fire, vengeance, bane, sorrow, and dreams. I was so bright Twilight ran over to see what I transformed into. "Oh my gosh. What is that?" , She asked in fear. "One her deadly forms.", Alex said, "In her Fury form everything is powerless. It's usually more power than she can handle. If not stopped in 12 hours she could vanish forever." Twilight gasps and tries to calm me. I say, "Something is amiss here. Danger a foot. Something so bad it can destroy the world." "Discord! Again!", Twilight yells in anger. "Who?" ,Alex asks. "He is a spirit of disharmony who once was stone. How could he escape, again? Did you guys fight near him?" , Twilight said. The Russos pointed at each other. "Great! Just great! That's what freed him! Now know why this is all happening?" ,Twilight yelled.

Chapter 14: Freed

A laughter thunders the land. "Why does everything I do gets me in trouble? First thing that comes to mind is when I cut class for the 10 minute crazy sale! Now I get tangled up with MORE evil? Bad enough I had to deal with Gorog twice!", Alex grumped. "Who is Gorog?", Twilight asked. "The leader of the Angels of Darkness. They influence you to do bad things.", Justin points out. "Mwahahaha! I am free again! Yes!!!", A voice screams out of delight. "RUN!!!", Twilight yells. "What was that?", Mason asks. "Discord.", Rarity says, "He is up to no good again. Last time we encountered him he made me think some dumb rock was a bonifide diamond. And I fell for it and hypnotized me to be greedy. I still going to get revenge on him for that!" "He won't get away with it on my watch!", I said, "I will show him how dangerous messing with me can be..." "What's thing? A two legged pale creature? Never seen the likes of you...", Discord said. "Oh you aren't going to do anything to me!", I said. I started my transformation from human to hero form. "What's this?", Discord said in curiosity. I started creating a ray of intense protons. "OUCH!!!!!!! Come here you little creep!", He yelled. "You can't catch me! Nana na na!", I taunted. He slings a coconut cream pie at me. "Ahhhh! Ouch. Don't make me pull out my big guns! They are never nice to be with...", I said sternly. I began my hurricane summons. "*Cough* What was that? Oh no not another one!!!", He screamed. "Like them? Earth's most deadliest storms. Hurricanes... Category 5 is their max. These are just starter Cat. 2s.", I said. I start the Category 3 summons then the Cat. 4s , then the Cat. 5s. "I hope you like Hypercanes!", I yelled. I start bring about the typhoon many think is a hypercane, Typhoon Tip. "That is *cough* enough!", Discord yelled. He starts trying hypnosis and anyway to corrupt me but no luck. "Why won't you... Come one!", He yelled. "I forgot to mention I am immune to your tricks!", I said, You want hand on hand combat then you will get it!" I pull out my Fire and Ice sword and start whacking him til' he is weakened enough for the Elements of Harmony to have greater victory. After he was back to being stone I smashed him into pieces. "Well he is gone forever now.", I said. "I never thought you would be immune.", Twilight said. "Sad story actually. Humans are actually already corrupted. Same with them. Some over come it and free themselves from majority of it.", I said. "Wow. I can't even imagine what your world is like.", Twilight says. "Let's drop of the Russos at their Earth dimension.", I said. We teleport to the Russo's home. "Wow! Nice home!", Rainbow Dash says. "What an awesome place!" "I know Jerry! Alex is still not back yet!", Alex's mom Threasa says. "Hide me!", Alex says hiding behind Twilight. "Well I know Alex will be suspended from her magic for a month for pulling that off!", Alex's dad Jerry said, "I think I see her behind a unicorn. ALEX!!! WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?!" "They helped me get back.", Alex whines

To Be Continued
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