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 Let Me Peek

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Miss Nile

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PostSubject: Let Me Peek    Sun May 13, 2012 2:43 am

“Let me peek. Please, please, let me have a peek.”

The girl silently shook her head, looking at the other with her red ruby eyes with determination.


The other girl looked back at her with desperation filling her blue eyes, replying,
“Please, please! Just a peek, a little peek! I want to see the world, too!”

The red-eyed shook her head again, and once more the same reply, “No.”

“Why not?” asked the blue-eyed.

“Why yes?” replied the red-eyed.

“Because I am a person, too! It’s not my fault that I am inside you!”

The red-eyed girl frowned at the other, and replied, “I don’t care about you! You weren’t even supposed to be!”

The blue-eyed shook her head and walked up to the other, kneeled before her as though if she were begging her,

“Let me peek. Just a little peek. They won’t even notice me. I just want to see the outside world. I am sick of being here.”

The red-eyed shook her head once more, kneeled down to the other’s level and pushed her violently, making her fall to the ground as she cried from the sudden move, hurt emotionally more than anything.

“You don’t deserve anything! Because of you, I am suffering. This is my body, my body! You were supposed to be dead anyways. Just consider yourself dead, because that’s what you are to me.”

The blue-eyed child quietly sobbed, but she was still determined to reach what she wanted. And what did she want more than a little peek to the outside world, the world that she had never seen?

“Please, please, let me peek. Just a little peek. I want to see your friends, just see them. I want to have friends, too, even if they won’t know me. I just want to know them. I will just have a little peek, please!”

Once more, the response came harsh. The red-eyed stepped forward to the other innocent girl, and slapped her on the cheek as hard as her soft hand could. The blue-eyed winced, sobbed a little more and heard the red-eyed say,

“Shut up! You aren’t even supposed to be here! Because of you, because of you, I am going to die one day! Because of you, you little stupid, ugly creature!”

The blue-eyed just sobbed more, more and a little more. What could be more painful for her than to be locked inside a body, but never be able to see the outer world because someone else was taking over it? What was more painful than having that person blame her, when she was born to find herself in this little, spiritual prison?

Quietly, she whispered, “Just a peek. Let me peek. Just a peek. Please, please, please…”

The red eyes shone in anger, frustrated at the determination of the child in front of her, as if she weren’t a child herself. She walked to her once more, and this time, got hold of both of her wrists and forced her to get up, as she screamed at her face,

“Stop it! Stop it! Stop it and shut up! Shut up forever, you ugly, stupid, cruel thing! I didn’t want a sister, I didn’t want a freaking sister! I wanted my body alone; leave me alone! Get out, get out!”

She shook the girl and the girl couldn’t do anything but be silent, for any word or anything she would say would only fuel her sister’s anger, and she wouldn’t let her have her peek. She closed her eyes as she was being shaken in that hurtful manner, and she was finally left as she felt on her back to the ground again, sobbing. Just sobbing.

“Let me peek. Just a peek…I beg of you. It’s not my fault. None of this is my fault. I didn’t ask them to put me in your body. I didn’t ask them to save me this way. I didn’t ask them to make you die one day that way. Please…just a peek.”

“Oh don’t you get it!” The red-eyed replied, kicking the girl on the ground with her foot, specifically on her back, and continued,

“You, ugly, evil creature, shouldn’t have even existed. You shouldn’t be seen by other people or else they’d get nightmares all along! That’s what you are, ugly thing. Ugly, cruel thing! Ugly, cruel thing!”

The red-eyed continued kicking the blue-eyed a little longer, and the latter just sobbed in reply, not wanting to do anything more than sobbing. She just wanted a peek. A little peek; that’s all. Why couldn’t her sister let her peek?

“I’m tired of this! I’m tired of having you share my body, my thoughts and everything in me! I won’t let you have my friends, or my parents, or anything in the world!”

“But…but they are my parents, too. I just want to see them. I just want to see how they look like. Please, please.”

“Shut up already! Why are you still speaking? If I could, if I could…I would get a knife right now and put it through your heart so that you’d be silent forever! Shut up and leave me alone!”

The blue eyes looked inside the red ones mistily, wide-open with surprise and shock. In whispers, such broken whispers,

“Do you hate me…that much?”

“I do! To my dying day, I will do! I hate you and I hate every letter of your stupid name! You don’t even deserve a name. You are just a ‘nothing’! That’s how your name should be, nothing!”

The blue-eyed couldn’t help but shiver in fear, perhaps in pain. What had she done in her life so that she would get all that hate and despise? And from her sister, the partner of their own body? Was she asking for a lot, to just be able to see the world and experience it too?

“Just a peek. Let me peek. Even if you hate me more than anything in the world…please, please, please.”

“I do hate you more than anything in the world! And for that, I am not letting you have what you want. That’s your life, dead thing. Dead nothing! That’s your stupid, lonely life. Just the kind of life the likes of you deserve, cruel, ugly creature!”

The blue eyes sobbed, but their tears were thicker and more. The sobs slowly turned to weeps and the girl cried, more and more and she cried. Slowly, the cries became screams, screams of agony and pain and loneliness.

The red eyes were gone. They were gone.

They had returned to see the world, and for their girl to experience it and feel it. For her, to see her parents and friends and family, to run around happily, to live merrily with joyful things.

The red-eyed girl was never like this with others. Everyone knew her for a gentle, kind child that could never hurt a little creature. Everyone knew her as the innocent, pure, compassionate person. She was like that; she had such a kind, forgiving nature.

But she hated the blue-eyed. She hated her and she wasn’t afraid to turn into a cruel, unkind creature just to torment her.

The blue-eyed girl just had to live inside her body, never see her parents, any friends or even see the world.

Nobody knew her, they only knew of her existence. And what did they know about her? They knew that she was the bad, unkind, cruel sister.

If that was how they knew her, she might have been so. But all what she wanted was a little peek. Just to see the world.

The outer world was something unknown to her. A mysterious world.

She just wanted to have a peek on it. Just a small, little peek.

She did peek. She peeked by herself sometimes; without asking for permission from her controlling sister. But many times, that little peek would get her into serious trouble later; when she had to suffer the abusiveness of her sister and never defend herself.

For she loved her the most anyways, no matter how much the latter hated her.

She was the only person she knew; her sister.

She was going to be locked inside there forever. Maybe, maybe one day, she could see the world.

Maybe one day, she could see more than just a peek.

Oh please, please, let me peek.
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PostSubject: Re: Let Me Peek    Sun May 13, 2012 6:43 am

Ahh I know who the people in this story are. XD But man, I never thought I'd see a cruel side to Nerine. Alex would be shocked if he read this.

And it would be interesting to read more of Lycoris' side, like how she felt when she saw Alex and all that. XD


Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Miss Nile

Number of posts : 53404
Age : 22
Location : Egypt
Title : Miss of The Grand Nile
Registration date : 2008-02-29

PostSubject: Re: Let Me Peek    Sun May 13, 2012 2:50 pm

Ahh that's true, although I think Nerine did show a little of her cruel side about Lycoris when the love triangle problems happened and all that. And to know that at that time, Nerine was still only a child...XD

And there will be a continuation for this story, I think, under a different name and when Alex saw Lycoris. Inspiration hit me and all that. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Let Me Peek    

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Let Me Peek
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