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 Under A Fateful Rain [Dedicated to Wyndfal]

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Miss Nile

Number of posts : 53404
Age : 22
Location : Egypt
Title : Miss of The Grand Nile
Registration date : 2008-02-29

PostSubject: Under A Fateful Rain [Dedicated to Wyndfal]   Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:28 pm

Chapter One: The Day We Met

“Attention! Flight 178 coming from Mashhad, Iran has just arrived. Passengers will come out from Gate 28.”

My ears perked up as I heard the airport announcement. Yes! My friend was finally here, and I was waiting for him at the airport. In a very few minutes, I was going to meet Kiarash for the very first time.

Kiarash has been my Iranian online friend for five years. We met on an English game forum, quickly became friends because of our common interests, and since then, we’ve become quite the close pals. We’ve found that there are lots of things that bind us, lots of things that concern us both, and very few little things that we differ about. Finally, he was able to visit me in my country, the almighty Egypt.

Thing was, I was a little late, so I had to rush between the airport halls as I heard the announcement. Although I could never be late on my friend, especially Kiarash, especially that I was meeting him for the very first time, but the damned traffic did it on me, and I had to run as fast as I can to ensure that I wasn’t too late on him. In my hand, I had that picture he sent me a few weeks back-he said I would be able to recognize him from that picture. He was a handsome man; black hair, a pair of brown eyes, an attractive goatee, and a tall, respectable figure overall.

I finally arrived at the arrivals’ hall and then my eyes caught the sight of a man dressed in a fancy black coat and a pair of black trousers, with the same exact features that he had in the picture-except the goatee, which was shaved. He had an excited but calm look about him as he pushed his luggage cart, which had a couple of small bags. He was also looking at his hand watch, probably wondering where I was. My face beamed up with happiness then, for that was him. That was Kiarash!

I jumped up happily and waved my hand to him, waiting for him to know me. He took notice and immediately, I saw a grin escape his face, for he recognized me instantly. I had sent him my picture a while back, too, and he knew how I looked like.

In a few minutes, he had reached me in the area where I was standing, and I approached him quite excitedly.

“Kia! Is it really you? Oh god, it’s you! You are as handsome and cute as in the picture!”

There was a blush on his face but he replied with happy smile of his own,

“I can’t believe I am seeing you, Nermy! We are finally face to face, finally!”

We shook hands eagerly, both of us amazed and bewildered by the fact that we were really with each other. I had never met an online friend in real life, let alone have him come from his country to meet me, and I believe it was his first too. It was just fascinating to both of us.

“I am terribly sorry for being late,” I said, with an apologetic smile on my face, “The traffic, Kia, near my home! God, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Eid or not-it’s always as crowded as hell!”

He laughed it off and replied, “Hey, it’s alright. I didn’t wait this long anyhow and as always, I am known for my patience!”

He grinned proudly, and I burst out laughing. Oh god! I never imagined hearing that sentence in my ears. It was his favorite quote to say, and with time, I’d tease him about it quite a lot.

After exchanging a few friendly greetings, I told him, “Let us go to my car now. I’ll drive us home and we can talk as much as we want on the way. It’s getting late and I live quite far from here, so let’s get going.”

He nodded and then pushing his luggage cart, we went out of Cairo International Airport and he followed me to the parking lot where my car was. I helped him put his bags in the back of the car then I took the driving seat, and he sat beside me. Then we set on our way.

“God, Nermine. I would have never thought – no, imagined even – that we might meet one day! And Nermy, you are way cuter in reality, especially without the glasses!”

I blushed over his comment and giggling, I replied, “Aww stop your flattery, Kia! But I totally agree. I would have never imagined meeting you face to face too. God, we’ll have lots of fun here. I’ll show you everything you might want to see! The pyramids, the Egyptian museum, Cairo Tower...God, this will be swell!”

He laughed happily and replied, “I can’t wait, Nermy! I am sure that as long as we’re together, we’ll have the best of time, for I am honored enough to be in your presence at last.”

I giggled happily and we continued more of this friendly chatting for a while as I was driving back home. The streets were a lot less busy than usual, since it was the first day of Fitr Eid, and Egypt was known to be quiet on the day. As we drove through, my hands moved to the audio player, and I played Circle of Life, the famous song from The Lion King. I saw him look surprised but happy at the same time, for that was his favorite song.

I grinned and replied, “A perfect way to welcome you in Egypt!”

He laughed and then I asked, “So you could take a break off work?”

He nodded, and replied, “Yup. I talked to the university and they’ll allow me a break for a couple of weeks. That is enough time. I could use a rest after all this work!”

I turned to him, temporarily taking my eyes off the road, “Aww but aren’t they lucky? To have such a talented poet as their teacher-the students must be amazed by your abilities!”

He blushed and replied, “Aww Nermy. You know how much you touch me with your words. I do feel confident when you talk to me.”

I smiled warmly to him and replied, “Hey now, don’t mention it, ok? It’s my duty towards you as a friend, especially after all the support that you give me. You’re a wonderful friend, Kia, and I am so lucky to be able to see you right here, right now.”

He smiled and thinking of changing the subject, he replied, “And you? What about your college?”

I replied, “Hey, it’s fine. I managed to schedule everything. I have a holiday for these coming few days, and after that, I will have to leave you for a while to go to college and maybe study there, but the rest of my time is all yours!”

He smiled, and was about to reply, when his eyes widened suddenly and he shouted all of a sudden, “Look out!”

I turned my eyes to the road without realizing all the time that I had taken my eyes off it, only to see a large microbus coming our way, driving opposite the direction of the carriageway. I had been driving straight forward all along and had been distracted by the excitement of my talk with Kiarash that I kept looking at him and totally forgot about the fact that I was driving! The microbus came fast towards us and with freaked out screams, I had no choice but to make a sudden, fast turn to the right, which happened to be the walls parallel to the road. I could avoid the microbus but the car crashed strongly right into the wall, bringing its bricks and pebbles right on the top of the car as the microbus rushed across us.

This all happened in a few seconds that I can barely remember the details, but I remember one thing very well because if I had time to do so, I would have felt very touched with it. The moment that the car was heading right towards the wall and both of us thought we would crash to our death, Kiarash quickly went to my side and wrapped his arms around me protectively, wanting to shield me with his body from any harm. That’s all I can remember, for I lost consciousness afterwards, with Kiarash’s comforting and reassuring smile being my last vision.

~ Special Thanks to Wyndfal for helping me through this, supporting me, encouraging me, and inspiring me.
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Miss Nile

Number of posts : 53404
Age : 22
Location : Egypt
Title : Miss of The Grand Nile
Registration date : 2008-02-29

PostSubject: Re: Under A Fateful Rain [Dedicated to Wyndfal]   Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:25 pm

Chapter Two: Lost Years

The memory of the accident still scares me whenever my mind comes across it, and my body shivers with fear and wonders of what could have possibly gone worse. Sometimes, I imagine what could happened if I didn’t move away in time, and the car ran right into the microbus. Other times, I wish I had driven more carefully, and I blame myself every time this last thought crosses my head.

The first thing I clearly remember after that last vision of the accident was awakening in a room in a hospital. I was changed into a hospital gown, with my hijab taken off, and there was a nurse by my side, checking how I was. I found out later that my parents and brother were there too, and that I had awakened a day later, with no serious injury but only a few bruises here and there. The doctors kept me under check for another day because they said (I can hardly remember anything from that day) that I was confused and disoriented for a while, but eventually came to, and became better.

It had been a couple of days after the accident when I was totally okay and in good shape once more, and then my memory of the whole thing became clear enough and I remembered-Kiarash! I remembered then, him visiting me in Egypt, I going to receive him, and then the whole accident. Oh god! Was he ok? Had anything happened to him? Oh god, oh god, oh god!

When all this information was recalled back to my head, I turned to my brother immediately, who was alone with me in the room to take care of me while my parents rested at home.

“Yusuf! Kiarash! Is he ok? Oh god, what happened to him? Why isn’t he here? Oh god, is he...?”

That ugly thought suddenly came to me, and I froze in place. I remembered when Kiarash rushed to protect me during the accident. Was that why I was ok? And he, was he...? Has he sacrificed himself for me?

I would have gone mad with grief if my brother had not quickly answered, “Oh no, Kiarash-Kiarash is ok! He’s fine. But umm, an injury on the head and he’s been unconscious since the accident,” He quickly continued, “But don’t worry! The doctors said he’s okay, they expect him to wake up quite soon.”

I don’t know if I should have been relieved or worried after my brother’s quick response but I replied, “Let me see him. Can I see him? Please.”

My brother looked confused and troubled then after a few moments of silence; he went out of the room and asked for a doctor, who closely followed him. I told him of my request and although he reluctant at first, he eventually agreed on the condition that I wouldn’t take long. I agreed and then both of them helped me up. My brother helped me put on my hijab and then I followed them slowly to the room next to mine.

Once in, I could see that it was a room quite similar to mine, but that wasn’t what I cared about. I looked around the room till my eyes found the bed and on it, there laid my unconscious friend. His head was wrapped in a bandage as well as other parts of his body, but he looked fine overall, physically at least. His face looked peaceful and tranquil, which made me feel just a little better. But I was still worried.

Going to his side, I looked at him worriedly. Suddenly, there was this sense of guilt all over me. Kiarash had come to visit me, be my guest and enjoy his first time in my country, yet I do this to him!

The vision of him protecting me suddenly came to my mind that very moment, and the sense of guilt grew more and more within me to the point it was going to get tears to my eyes. Involuntarily, I reached my hand to touch his gently, whispering, “Please, Kia, you are strong. Please get through this. Come on.”

He didn’t respond, but what did I expect? My grip gently tightened a bit, squeezing his hand softly and I continued, “You need to wake up. You have to wake up. I’ll wait for you till you wake up. I’ll be patient. I can be patient, too, you know. I can be patient, too.”

I smiled to myself to prevent my tears from flowing. He stayed as he was for a bit, before I noticed his eyes fluttering and before long, they opened. God, I was so relieved! I looked at him happily, waiting for him to see me and I would be the first one to comfort and relieve him. He turned his head to me but I could see a vacant look in his eyes, as though he didn’t know me, where he was or knew anything. I thought it was normal as I was in a little of similar condition myself, so I smiled normally and touching his hand softly, I said,

“Kia, you are finally awake. You’re okay. Oh god, you’re okay. How are you feeling?”

He continued looking at me with a vacant look, looking confused and lost. I was beginning to feel a little worried but I kept it inside, and kept the smile on my face. His lips slowly moved a minute without saying anything, then focusing his vision on me entirely; they moved again to say,

“Umm do I know you, miss?”

The smile that I fought to keep on my face suddenly melted away and instead, there was a shocked, almost heartbroken look. But I kept my composure or I might have collapsed, for I was still quite weak. Slowly and gently, I replied,

“Kia? You don’t know me? It’s me, Nermine, your friend.”

He furrowed his eyebrows and looked confusedly at me, “Nermine? But I don’t know anyone with that name.”
He looked around the room and noticing that it was a hospital one, he continued, “And where am I? Am I in a hospital? Was I injured or something?”

My heart was sinking more and more with every word in which he expressed his ignorance of me. I felt like I lost Kiarash-for him not to recognize me. What happened to him? Did he block me out of his memories? Did he feel so resentful towards me to the point that he blocked me out of his mind?

My brother noticed that I was falling apart so approaching us, he turned to Kiarash and smiling, he said,

“Hello, Kiarash. I’m Yusuf, Nermine’s brother. You’re in a hospital, in Cairo, Egypt.”

I could see Kiarash becoming even more confused and surprised, he said, “Egypt? Why the hell am I in Egypt? Who brought me out of Persia? I haven’t even served in the military yet!”

My ears perked up as he said that last sentence of his. He hadn’t served in the military yet? What? But I was so sure he did. He told me he did and he had to be offline for quite a long time to do so. How come...?

Before I or my brother could say anything, the doctor came forward, approaching Kiarash and examining him, asking him a few questions and such. I don’t actually quite remember much because I was too heartbroken and worried that I was lost in my own thoughts. Did I lose Kiarash? What had I done? Couldn’t I have been more careful? God, how could I be so reckless? Kiarash comes to visit me and I do this to him!

I remember however that after the doctor was done talking to him, he asked to talk to me alone. Leading me carefully to a corner where we could talk privately, he looked at me gently and said, talking in Egyptian Arabic,

“Miss, as you could see back there, it seems like your foreign friend has suffered a memory loss. Amnesia, if you will. It is not complete amnesia, but a partial one, but it was definitely strong enough to affect long-term memories; a result of a powerful head concussion.”

I looked at him blankly, tears already threatening to come out of my eyes, but I had to endure it and keep it inside. I nodded slowly, allowing him to continue,

“He has lost right about 5 years of his memory. That is quite a long time and it’s not much of a surprise, as the accident had a huge impact on his head. That’s why he can’t remember you, miss.”

I put my hand over my mouth in shock, unable to believe what the doctor was saying. Was Kiarash’s condition this bad? 5 years of his memories...gone? 5 years of his life were wiped out? All the good times, all the memories...I was gone?

The tears that had been threatening to spill finally did, for the ugly thought of losing Kiarash was becoming reality right before me. I had lost him. He was gone. He couldn’t remember me any longer. And it was all because of a stupid, reckless, careless mistake of mine!

I felt the anger and sadness all over me, making me weaker than I already was. The doctor noticed my reactions so he quickly continued,

“But miss, please don’t lose hope. The memories are still there-somewhere in there, they are there. They are just blocked out and they need a trigger to restore them. If the bond between you two is strong enough, it will help him remember. It isn’t hopeless, miss. He isn’t the first one to suffer such a condition. Many others had this memory loss because of it and they remembered and returned as good as before, maybe even better. Don’t lose hope, miss.”

He smiled to me gently, hoping to comfort me, but I wasn’t exactly in the best condition to be comforted. I felt my balance shaken and just as I was about to slip, my brother – who had been talking to Kiarash for the while I was away - had rushed to my side and helped me stand, worry over his face. The doctor observed and said,

“Miss, you should rest as well. You’re still weak from the whole matter.”

I remember quite clearly up to this point, but after that, things are a little blank. I remember going back to my room, where I fell asleep again, and staying there for a few days till my condition improved completely and I was in good shape to go out. Kiarash was allowed out as well after making sure that no further damage had been done to his head, though the doctor had prescribed medicaments and such for him to take, which he said he would.

All through that while, I had been thinking over and over again of what I ought to do. There would be times when I would be alone, when my brother would be home with my parents, and the nurses had left me for the night, when they’d think that I was going to sleep, and I’d roll up with my blanket, and cry. I’d cry and let out all the tears that I couldn’t get out in front of anyone. I’d cry my heart out for the loss of my true, best friend. The one who was always there for me. The one who never let me down. The one who always cared about me and made sure to keep me as happy as he could make me. I lost him. He forgot 5 years of friendship, of care, of platonic love and of sweet, happy memories. He forgot all the secrets he entrusted me, and that I kept. He forgot all the secrets that I entrusted him, and that I was sure he kept. He forgot everything, everything, everything!

I could only continue to cry and weep then, but then it came to me.

I had to make him remember.

There was hope to make him remember after all. Everything was still there.

I had no choice but to make him remember.

For the sake of our friendship, our days, our memories.

Kiarash, you WILL remember!
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Under A Fateful Rain [Dedicated to Wyndfal]
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